Ensure Simplified Business Communication with Eva

  • September 28, 2018

We have recently launched Eva Communication Suite-  a team communication app for our Mobile Device Management Solution, Scalefusion. Eva team communication app facilitates effective team collaboration to drive engagement within the field force along with comprehensive tools for enterprise-wide communication. Eva team communication tool enables seamless but highly controlled real-time communication through a single application across the organization.

Ensure Simplified Business Communication with Eva
Engage your workforce with effective team collaboration through EVA

We persistently endeavor to innovate for adding value to our core product- Scalefusion MDM for managing mobile devices. We highly value our customer feedback and work diligently towards solving their problems. As a part of that, since one of their key challenge was the streamlined & effective Team Communication and Call management at the organizational level, we came up with the solution – EVA. Eva Messenger with the Notification Bot was the first step towards it. Now, we have added Eva Phone, which solves the Call & Contact management challenges.

How Eva can improve your team communication?

EVA communication suite simplifies the way you interact, communicate or connect with your field force and co-workers, who are using mobile devices that are locked with Scalefusion. You can smartly manage your team from anywhere and anytime.

Communicating with employees who do not have an email id can be frustrating. Simply connecting over voice calls cannot suffice needs of business communication- such as exchanging documents, sending voice notes, images and even texts for future reference. An instant messaging in business communication is hence crucial. 

With Eva, you can stay closely connected with real-time instant messaging for business, calls, and receive alerts & notification. You can have a unified contact list, and block incoming and outgoing calls which can be set differently for different devices profiles or the group profiles.

Although office instant messaging is one of the key features of Eva, the Eva Communication Suite is much more than just that. In all, Eva Communication Suite offers the following features,

  1. Two-way chat between the device user and account administrator
  2. VoIP Calling
  3. Block Incoming/Outgoing Calls
  4. Set Contact Specific Calling Restrictions
  5. Powerful Contact Management
  6. Maintain Unified Contacts List across your organization
  7. Custom Dialer with Enhanced Controls
  8. Real-time Account Activity Notifications & Alerts
  9. Voice-Messaging capability
  10. Image-sharing functionality

Major Components of Eva Communication Suite

Eva Messenger: Team Communication App 
Eva Messenger is a instant messaging app facilitating encrypted chat and VoIP calling functionality between enterprise teams. The differentiating factor of Eva is that it does not allow your users to add/connect with people who are not part of your organization. Only, IT teams can enable contact lists on enterprise devices and facilitate Eva instant messaging app on the enterprise-level.

Using Eva Messenger, device users can exchange text messages, images, voice notes and files with their business contacts. 

Eva Phone: Enterprise Call and Contact Management
Eva Phone provides powerful Contact Management & SIM/Cellular Call Capabilities. IT admins can create and publish unified contact lists across the organizations. Further, IT admins can selectively block incoming or outgoing calls to save cellular data as well as to prevent employee distractions. On SIM-based devices, IT admins can enable conference calling feature to facilitate two or more devices to hold virtual meetings. 

Eva Channels: For Group Chats and Team Engagement
Eva Channels provides group chat facility to drive team-wide collaboration. IT administrators can initiate Open channel, Closed channel and Device-group channels within the enterprise contacts.

Scalefusion MDM not only manages the devices and data but also facilitates seamless interoffice instant messaging, collaboration and enterprise-wide communication with Eva Communication Suite.

Nema Buch is a Research & Marketing professional, also writes for Scalefusion on Enterprise Mobility trends, SaaS, and different Industry Verticals.


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