How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication on Scalefusion

  • August 23, 2019
Google two-factor authentication
two-factor authentication

One of the key drivers of successful mobility is security. It is imperative that your mobile device management tool ensures end-to-end security for your critical corporate data and apps. Scalefusion MDM extends a secure mobility management environment for its company-owned as well as employee-owned devices used for work. Scalefusion MDM platform offers a gamut of powerful settings to secure enterprise devices coupled with security alerts and regular compliance checks. The IT admins managing their enterprise devices using Scalefusion can enforce passcode settings to protect the device from unauthorized access. In case the device is lost or stolen, it can be remotely locked from the dashboard.

But imagine this:

Someone accidentally gets access to the Scalefusion dashboard. Just like any digital access, the IT admin’s Scalefusion account is vulnerable to falling in the wrong hands, or the password is accidentally stolen from an unwanted source. This exposes the entire device inventory and its policy settings to threat, compromising corporate security.

Scalefusion facilitates all-round security with two-factor authentication to access the Scalefusion dashboard. By enabling two-factor authentication, IT admins can rest assured that the device inventory is never susceptible to misuse and unauthorized access with the help of an added layer of access security.

On Scalefusion dashboard, you can activate any of the following two-factor authentication methods:

  1. Email-based OTP codes
  2. Google Authenticator based codes

Two-step authentication can be activated for Owners & Co-Account Owner accounts on Scalefusion. Enabling two-factor authentication can be done within a few simple steps and the same can also be disabled in a few easy steps.

Let us have a look at the step-by-step process to enable two-factor authentication on Scalefusion MDM:

Method 1: Two-step authentication using Email-based OTP codes

1.Start by logging in to the dashboard. Note that you should log in with account owner or co-owner account.

Google two-factor Authentication

2. Navigate to the Admins and Roles Section on the upper right corner of the dashboard.

3. In this section, you can configure roles, permissions as well as security settings.

4. Navigate to the Sign in settings tab. In this section, you can configure 2-step verification for your Scalefusion account and dashboard access. Choose Email option to enable email-based two-step authentication.

5. To configure these settings, you have to enter the account password.

6. Once you enter the account password, your two-step authentication for Scalefusion is enabled. You can disable the setting by clicking on the disable button, followed by the account password.

7. Now, every time you log in on Scalefusion dashboard, you will receive an OTP on the registered email address.

8. You can enter the OTP received in the email and proceed to login.

Method 2: Two-step authentication using Google Authenticator

  1. This method of two-factor authentication is available on Android and iOS devices in possession with the account owner/ co-owner. To enable this, you have to first download the Google Authenticator App on your device.

2. Navigate to the sign in settings in Roles & Permissions section on the dashboard same as step no. 4. Choose Google Authenticator option.

3. You will have to enter the account password to configure the settings.

4. Once you authenticate with the account password, you will be shown the below-given window with a QR code.

Google two-factor Authentication

5. Open the Google Authenticator app and scan this barcode. You will be provided with a code, enter that. Your two-step verification is now set up. Click on Continue

Google two-factor Authentication

6. You will be provided with a list of backup codes, in case you do not have the device with Google Authenticator app handy. You can download these codes from Scalefusion dashboard.

Google two-factor Authentication

7. Every time you log in on Scalefusion dashboard, you will have to enter a code generated in your Google Authenticator app. Or you can use any of the downloaded backup codes.

Google two-factor Authentication

With Scalefusion, you can quickly secure two-step verification to control the dashboard access and extend comprehensive security.

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Renuka Shahane is a Sr. Content Writer at Scalefusion. An engineering graduate, an Apple junkie and an avid reader, she has a 5+ years of experience in content creation, content strategy and PR for technology and web based startups.


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