How to Enable Device Sharing between Shift Employees with Scalefusion Workflows

  • July 29, 2019

Digital transformation of businesses has positively impacted business growth across diverse industries. Empowering frontline workers and field forces with digital devices has resulted in speedy business conversions, resource availability, and better inter-team communication. And while some businesses with a remote workforce deploy individual devices for each employee, shared devices are immensely quite popular for the workforce involved in ticketing, order management, retail, etc.

Android or iOS tablets deployed to the task force are often shared between multiple workers working at the same or at different times. The sharing of devices between multiple workers and employees helps in cutting down the inventory cost significantly and is resource optimization at its best.

Scalefusion workflows
Device Sharing with Workflows

Device Sharing: The challenges

Sharing devices between multiple employees working at different shifts can, however, create operational issues. For example, an employee A has left off a task midway at the end of his shift, and the device is now handled by another employee B takes over, he has to either finish the incomplete task, which might not be his KRA, or has to abandon the task, leading employee A to restart the task from scratch.

Also, if the apps on the shared devices have user-based signups for employees working in different roles, sharing devices between multiple resources ushers in the risk of identity theft and misuse.

To mitigate the efforts of reworking, streamline job assigning on shared devices, and secure devices from misuse and unauthorized access. Scalefusion Mobile device Management helps with its dynamic policy application via Scalefusion Workflows.

Dynamic Policy Application with Scalefusion Workflows

With Scalefusion MDM, IT teams can schedule dynamic policy applications on managed devices. With dynamic policy applications, one device can be configured to operate with multiple policies and profiles, with different app settings and restrictions.

Scalefusion Workflows feature helps in scheduling dynamic policy applications on managed Android and iOS devices. Admins can configure multiple sets of policies and select a schedule for its application on devices or device groups. With Scalefusion Workflows, IT can automate a host of other tasks such as compliance checks, device violation alerts, and device activities such as reboot and cache clear.

With Scalefusion Workflows, IT administrators can create multiple device policies and schedule a policy change to device groups. This helps in configuring the managed devices with different policies and applications at different times.

Business Benefits and Use-cases

This feature has multiple use-cases and benefits, we’ve listed a few of them below:

  • To enable device sharing between two employees working in different shifts. The work and app settings of individual employees will remain untouched.
  • Devices used for work purposes during the day time can be used as digital signage during evenings. Work profile can be added during the day and during evenings, it will automatically switch to a profile configured to display digital signage.
  • For students, separate profiles can be scheduled only for weekends and weekdays.

How it works?

Let us see the step-by-step process of how it works.

1. Create profiles on Scalefusion. Navigate to the Device Management section of the dashboard and start creating a profile. You can configure restrictions, allow or block apps and websites and apply branding to the profile.

Scalefusion workflows

2. Create QR code configuration with newly created profiles to enroll devices. You can invite device users using email. Add devices to Scalefusion MDM.

3. Once the devices are added, create device groups. Add devices that are shared between multiple devices to specific groups. You can add one or more devices to a device group. You can also add device profiles to a group and all the devices assigned to the selected profile will be added to the group.

4. Navigate to the Reports & Workflows section of the dashboard. Click on Workflows and click on Create Flow button.

5. Choose the Schedule Switch Profile option. You can schedule a workflow for one operating system at a time. Switch Profiles workflow is available for Android, iOS, and Windows devices managed with Scalefusion MDM.

6. Add workflow details- Add a name to the workflow, choose the group you want to apply it to, select the time range, timezone, and frequency of the workflow.

7. Add profiles to be applied to the devices. Here, for instance, we will be switching between ‘Android Demo Profile’ and ‘Android Profile 2’. At 6 pm, Android Demo Profile will be applied to all the devices in the selected group and at 6 am, Android Profile 2 will be applied to all the devices in the selected group. Click to save changes.

8. You can find this workflow in the reports and workflows section of the dashboard. You can edit it, add multiple groups and also check the status (success/failure) of the workflow in this section.

Scalefusion Workflows

Administrators can also add emails to which the status report of the workflow will be sent.

Scalefusion Workflows not only mitigates IT efforts put into manually configuring devices to work with different profiles at different times but also in a true sense, drives remote management and device use at an optimum level. With Scalefusion MDM, utilizing the existing device inventory for multiple business use-cases and benefits is easy, secure, and reliable.

Sounds intriguing? Try a 14-day free trial today!

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Renuka Shahane is a Sr. Content Writer at Scalefusion. An engineering graduate, an Apple junkie and an avid reader, she has a 5+ years of experience in content creation, content strategy and PR for technology and web based startups.
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