Effectively Manage your Rugged Devices with Scalefusion MDM

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    Rugged Device Management

    Rugged devices are not only the vital elements of businesses with challenging work conditions but are also a consideration for many businesses undergoing digital transformation. Businesses today need their workforce to be more mobile, agile, productive, and efficient, and hence provide them with devices that can work in more demanding conditions. These devices should be able to access corporate data in real-time to enable quick decisions and collaboration without any worries regarding slowdown or breakage.

    What are Rugged Devices?

    As the name suggests, these devices are used for business purposes with a high level of ruggedness. They are designed with a purpose to work in rough environments like extreme temperatures, wet, muddy or dusty locations. They can tolerate sudden impact, shocks, moisture, exposure to contaminants, vibrations while traveling or manufacturing and are rigorously tested to meet the industry standards of MIL-STD-810G and Ingress Protection (IP) Rating system.

    Apart from features like being sturdy, water-proof, heavy-duty, anti-smudge, anti-reflective among numerous others, rugged devices are now being designed to facilitate workers to be connected and functional on the go.

    Modern-day rugged devices have mobile device interoperability, support upgrades, and extend to support evolving business needs.

    Why Rugged Device Management is a Challenge?

    Rugged devices are designed for varied business needs and range from semi-rugged general-purpose devices to highly customized hand-held rugged devices – the broad spectrum makes it tedious for the IT to configure, monitor, manage, and track devices at scale.
    Some devices are expensive, bulky, and are restrictive towards running specific apps and hence become obsolete in the long run as technology evolves, making legacy support and management a challenge.
    Another challenge arises with employees preferring semi-rugged Android-based devices for their strong app ecosystem, advanced features, and an enhanced user experience, which might expose the businesses to numerous security threats like data breach, device loss, malware and ransomware installation with malicious apps. It can also expose the corporate network to security risks when employees connect using open, public Wi-Fi networks.
    Keeping a track of app, corporate content and device usage, along with device location and device health is another issue for the IT admins who need to ensure that the rugged devices are being optimally used for specific purpose.

    So, the best option is to invest in a MDM solution that will make rugged device management simple, consistent, and seamless across all devices.

    Make your rugged devices do more with a strong MDM solution

    A modern rugged device management solution does everything relevant to keep the employees agile and productive under harsh environments while enabling the IT admins to manage remotely located devices in real-time for maximum user efficiency.

    Scalefusion MDM solution for rugged devices comes loaded with some superior features and enterprise capabilities that not only help IT admins to successfully manage, secure and monitor rugged devices remotely from a single dashboard but also enables users stay productive, agile and efficient with quick access to corporate apps and content, real-time communication and remote troubleshooting.

    Here is how it can optimize your rugged devices and empower the IT admins to drive user productivity.

    Enrol device with ease: Simplify and streamline bulk enrollment of your rugged devices by using configuration file or by using the IMEI login and register the bunch of devices in one shot, even from a remote location.

    Track your device in real time: With Scalefusion MDM, IT admins can track the real-time and precise location of all the rugged devices along with detailed information like time, date, longitude. It also allows to set single or multiple geo-fencing for your rugged devices.

    Define policies for access control: IT admins find it easy to manage the rugged device usage by defining enterprise regulations and policies for device users when it comes to accessing corporate apps and data. They can also deploy kiosk mode for specific use cases.

    Mobile Content Management: Scalefusion MDM allows IT admins to effectively and remotely manage and distribute corporate date and content to the devices or group of devices silently for easy and real-time access through some simple steps.

    Mobile Application Management: The private app store allows administrators to manage and distribute apps and upload APKs, and seamlessly deploy them to the devices for the users to have access to them to keep productive.

    Empower IT with Remote Troubleshooting: Remotely troubleshoot your rugged devices in real-time as Scalefusion MDM enables users to cast screen and let IT admin take control of the devices remotely for easy troubleshooting of devices and settings.

    Real-time user-wide communication: EVA Communication Suite can allow your rugged device users to communicate amongst each other and with the IT admin for any immediate assistance through two-way chat, notifications and VoIP calls.

    An advanced rugged device management solution goes an extra mile beyond protecting your devices from cyber-attacks, software crash, and data theft, it strengthens the bridge between the users and the IT so the former can stay productive and the latter can stay vigilant, so together they can drive synergy and enhanced business benefits.

    Sonali Datta
    Sonali Datta
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