Scalefusion MDM Listed in G2’s list of the Best IT Management Products for 2023

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    A win is greater when shared. It feels fantastic to share that Scalefusion is listed among the top IT management software products by second time in a row.

    World’s largest tech marketplace used by more than 60 million software buyers annually, lists the best software products each year based on authentic reviews from real users. Scalefusion has been listed at #36 by for 2023 in the category of best IT management software products.

    Scalefusion G2

    The list is determined by G2’s unique curation process that uses a unique algorithm to calculate a product’s popularity and effectiveness. The calculation is based on user reviews and ratings. It lists the product based on real-time customer Satisfaction and Market Presence scores after carefully reviewing the reviews and ratings provided by the users of Scalefusion spanning over 2022.

    “At Scalefusion, our team takes pride in being a customer favorite. Being recognized in this list of best IT management software products by is a true testament to our efforts. It’s a nod from our customers in a true sense that Scalefusion is listed for the second time, and we hope to be featured again next year, ” said Sriram Kakarala, VP of Products at Scalefusion.

    Being listed along with other remarkable names in the IT management industry is a proud moment for us at Scalefusion. We thank our customers, users and partners for choosing us as their preferred mobile device management solution. The constant feedback has helped us to make our product more user-centric, as we intend it to be.

    You can view the entire list of best IT management software products by here.

    About G2:

    G2 empowers business buying decisions by highlighting the voice of the customer. Thousands of companies partner with G2 to build their reputation, manage their software spend, and grow their business. G2 has published over 1,500,000 reviews about more than 100,000 software products and professional services to help businesses make better buying decisions. Their model brings transparency to B2B buying, changing the decisions made.

    Swapnil Shete
    Swapnil Shete
    Swapnil Shete is an Associate Vice President of Marketing at Scalefusion. He has a passion for design and technology and focuses on optimizing the marketing funnel. When he isn't working, Swapnil loves to evaluate different SaaS solutions that is in the marketing and sales domain.

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