How Can Your Human Resources Department Benefit From Kiosks?

    Employees are an organization’s biggest asset and the Human Resources department ensures that your employees get a healthy workplace to thrive. This is why the HR department is a critical element in the company’s success. If you have observed your HR employees, they are engaged with countless administrative processes. Coordinating with employees belonging to different teams with multiple shifts and ensuring efficient engagement, conveying critical information, gathering timely feedback, etc. is not only complex but also extremely time-consuming.

    Kiosks for HR Department
    Kiosks for HR Department

    If you are in search of ways to relieve your HR employees from manual administration so that they can free up their time for more productive tasks, then self-service is the key. Several businesses around the world are contemplating the implementation of self-service kiosks to help your HR department focus on much more critical matters.

    What Are the Operational Benefits of Self-Service Kiosks?

    Improved employee experience

    Implementing employee self-service kiosks in the office can help reduce wait time for your employees. Employees can get any time assistance and execute activities such as filling out forms, sending out permission requests, etc. independently, anonymously and privately.

    Reduced workload on HR staff

    The HR department handles tonnes of manual activities that involve disbursing forms and gathering responses. With the help of HR kiosks connected to the HR portal, your employees can independently schedule appointments, fill out forms, submit feedback, raise requests and much more. Your HR representatives need not always be present for such activities. This frees up considerable HR time and helps reduce the workload on the HR department.

    Reduction in labor cost

    Installing self-service kiosks is especially beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses as they can automate several administrative tasks. This diminishes the need to invest in a large HR workforce. Your businesses can function just fine even with a small HR team that focuses on the crucial tasks while your kiosks take care of the rest.

    Paperless approach

    Distributing bulky paperwork, filling paper-based forms, and circulating company updates throughout the organization can be digitized by implementing digital kiosks. Your HR team can opt for the paperless approach by extending online applications, collecting digital feedback and displaying company updates on kiosk locked down digital signage.

    How Can Self-Service Kiosks Streamline Operations for the HR Department?

    Earlier, digital kiosks were popular only in a few industrial sectors such as ATM machines in the BFSI sector, and self-ordering kiosks in hospitality and retail. However, if digital kiosks are paired with the right kiosk management software, they can be put to use in streamlining several HR operations as well.

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    Wondering how? Let’s look at how the HR department can make the most of digital kiosks:

    1. Integrate HRMS with self-service kiosks

    Most businesses use Human Resource Information (HRIS system) or HR management software (HRMS) that helps them streamline various HR processes. HR Software can be integrated with self-service kiosks to automate various administrative tasks, freeing up the HR team to focus on more strategic initiatives. Integrating your HRMS/HRIS with digital kiosks can benefit your HR department immensely in terms of workload reduction. Your employees can access their time attendance and payroll information, schedule appointments with HR, submit their documents or queries, view company policies, and much more without requiring help from a dedicated HR executive. With this, your shift workers can get all the administrative help that they want at any hour, without worrying about whether or not the HR executives are available.

    2. Private Employee Surveys and Feedback

    Regular feedback and suggestions help businesses build a better workplace. Whether it is giving performance feedback to employees or gathering workplace feedback from the employees, the HR department is the driving force behind it. Locking down HR kiosks in single-app mode using kiosk management software can help businesses collect employee feedback digitally. Human resource managers can upload performance reviews and feedback for their subordinates, employees can view their performance ratings, request a discussion and much more.

    3. Seamless Employee Exit Procedure

    A commonly overlooked HR process is that of ensuring a smooth employee exit procedure. The HR department is not only responsible for hiring fresh talent, simplifying their onboarding training and constant employee engagement, but also for handling FUTA taxes and delivering employees a simplified exit protocol. The retirement or exit of an employee involves heavy paperwork, and the HR department needs to ensure that FUTA taxes are correctly calculated and filed for departing employees, as this impacts the company’s tax liabilities and compliance. Implementing kiosks can help streamline this process and reduce errors in FUTA tax reporting.

    4. Promoting company announcements

    There are kiosk solutions available in the market that allow businesses to turn their commercial devices into kiosks of diverse kinds. Locking down devices in a single-app kiosk mode can turn your kiosks into digital signages which can be leveraged by the HR department to enhance employee engagement. These digital signages can be used to roll out new company updates, improve cross-team collaboration by advertising the achievements and happenings of the other departments and improve crisis communication.

    5. Hassle-free employee training

    Implementing kiosk locked-down digital signages can help the HR department turn any room into a training room. Onboarding new employees involve multiple inductions and training. Your HR executives need not keep their employees lingering due to overbooked meeting rooms. Business-specific content can be plugged into the digital signages to deliver training from more than one location in the offices.

    6. HR kiosks at job fairs

    Your HR department can install digital kiosks at job fairs to display the various company openings, job descriptions and company culture. Potential candidates can fill out job application forms and submit their professionally written resumes and contact details digitally with the help of kiosks. So, by installing these kiosks, the process of recruitment becomes more streamlined and efficient.

    Scalefusion: The Ideal Kiosk Management Software

    On discovering the vast benefits and applications of digital kiosks for Human Resources, the only thing that remains is for businesses to implement an efficient kiosk management software. Scalefusion MDM is a device and endpoint management software that not only helps you to manage diverse operations on your digital kiosks but also helps you to convert your commercial devices into kiosks.

    Scalefusion offers various kiosk lockdown modes for businesses to leverage diverse deployments as per their business needs:

    • Single-app kiosk mode: Company IT admins can lock their kiosks in a single HRMS app, or any app of their choice to convert commercial devices to dedicated HR kiosks and help employees execute tasks independently.
    • Kiosk security: Scalefusion offers extensive security settings that can be configured for multiple kiosks from the dashboard to prevent misuse by employees and keep cyber risks away.
    • Remote Troubleshooting: Company IT admins can instantly resolve technical issues on their kiosks with Scalefusion’s Remote Cast & Control. With this, your HR teams can ensure a hassle-free employee experience.
    • Distributing business resources: Your HR department may want to use your digital kiosks in diverse forms. Scalefusion allows IT admins to push business apps and content files such as videos, images and presentations on their remotely located kiosks.
    • Monitoring kiosks for compliance: Company-IT admins can not only push security configurations but also ensure compliance with Scalefusion Workflows and run constant security checks with comprehensive device-level DeepDive analytics.

    Closing Lines

    Implementing employee self-service kiosks has great benefits for your HR department. Like every other technology, deploying digital kiosks also has its pros and cons. However, the pros far outweigh the cons and the cons can be taken care of by adopting a powerful kiosk management solution.

    Shambhavi Awate
    Shambhavi Awate
    Shambhavi is a Senior Content Writer at Promobi Technologies with prior experience in commercial writing, creative planning, product cataloging, and content strategizing. She is a "Biotechnologist turned writer" and believes that the inception of great ideas happens over coffee.

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