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    Earlier this year we (ProMobi Technologies Pvt. Ltd) completed our three years in business and celebrating this milestone is a great achievement in itself. Since the day we commenced as a youthful start-up, rapid progression has been seen in the success history of ProMobi Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Our company has always moved ahead to redefine the growth and success with the increased number of customers and employees. Hence, taking this positivity ahead, ProMobi Technologies Pvt. Ltd has expanded to accommodate half of their team in the new office in the same building from the current office, as we doubled once again in numbers since the last year. We now have two office spaces on two different floors.

    Shifting is a formidable task. In anticipation of new people joining the company, it was decided to shift half of the team in a new space, which would be enough for the employees while they work.


    Our current office has created great memories for everyone in the past, from celebrating fun- filled fridays, conducting informative workshops, our very first Hackathon (ProMobi Hacksquad), product launch, spontaneous meetings, lunchtime seating, birthday celebrations and the number goes on. Overall, reminiscing these memories will be a motivation for everyone in the office. This move represents the new era of breaking our own records.

    We are happy with our current office space, however, there are many facts that encouraged us to expand it:

      • Accommodation– In a company, size always matters. The new office offers us more space and layout. Elbows were always bumping into the shared spaces as the bays were too narrow to settle down the chairs. We can now work openly and freely, rather than staying put and not moving.
      • Communication – The sales team always had a difficulty to interact with our customers whenever they were on a call. However, now they have their dedicated workspace to communicate and educate our customers with their product knowledge.
    • Addition of new teams – As we grew in numbers years down the line, multiple teams have been added in the company. This fact also encouraged us to take this step.

    This new office is just like another new chapter in our company history and we are thrilled and excited to be a part of it. We wish our new business space may be the way to a fresh start on a positive note and look forward to continuing our long-standing relationships in our new office space as well as in our current space. Thanks for everyone’s support through the years and with the move.

    Written by: Anam Khan, Content Writer at Promobi Technologies

    Anupam Mishra
    Anupam Mishra
    Anupam is a digital marketing expert and business optimization professional and author who loves technology and its impact on business. Here to help.

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