5 Major Business Benefits of Mobile Device Management

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    It is the rise of the mobile devices as the new exciting edge of everyday computing and has become an integral part of the business world.

    5 Major Business Benefits of Mobile Device Management
    Streamline your operational efficiency with Scalefusion MDM solution

    Today, old-school desktops and laptops are not the only devices used for work. Most companies now depend on the use of smartphones and tablets to handle day-to-day business tasks ranging from the critical to the routine.

    But this mobile environment is generally unfavoured to grow and evolve without restriction. Businesses need to clear the blur lines between the personal and corporate use. Small or large businesses could even face security risks and other complications created by these devices that aren’t effectively managed. Mobile device management (MDM) solution was developed with these needs in mind, providing a scalable and comprehensive management solution.

    There are various specific benefits that are about protecting the integrity of the company network and the data on it. This blog will take you into details of the benefits of mobile device management.

    MDM lets small and large businesses easily secure, monitor, and manage multiple mobile devices including tablets or smartphones. This includes seamless enrollment, whitelisting website and apps, business content management, upload and publish business apps and remote viewing/control for troubleshooting purposes, all through a single dashboard. Thus, it comes with a massive set of multiple benefits that can mean a world of difference in business productivity.

    Again, today’s workforce is increasingly mobile, with more employees going out into the field, working from home, and traveling for work. And being out of the office doesn’t have to be at the cost of productivity and communication, and that’s where Scalefusion comes in. It makes their jobs easier by providing mobile devices with the company apps & content along with seamless connectivity with the base office.

    Why Invest in Scalefusion MDM?

    The business benefit from MLP besides saving time and money is optimizing functionality and mitigating certain security risks for mobile devices deployed in a business environment. It offers multiple benefits of mobile device management, to any business –

    Remote Management of the devices

    With the bulk of corporate-owned devices being connected to the business network, monitoring each device is a mammoth task. But with MDM in place, each mobile device is registered and there will be updated information available about each device like health status, real-time location and etc, thus making the whole system transparent and secure.

    Saves Costs

    Limit the use of company-owned devices by applying whitelist for apps and websites, and bring huge saving in data usage as well as cost. Any activities like watching videos, or listening to music or playing games, accessing social media, everything which is not relevant to work or impacts the productivity of the employees is discouraged.

    Improved Workflows and Flexibility

    Facilitate faster and efficient collaboration and enable employees to do their work from remote locations as well. Managers especially can quickly communicate with the employees, monitor the devices and receive real-time alerts and notifications.

    Internal IT Demands made Simpler

    Manually managing mobile devices is extremely demanding on IT staff. As the organization grows and the number of mobile devices increases, it can become impossible to successfully manage. MDM simplifies this work by consolidating these management tasks into a single, comprehensive platform, giving IT staff the tools and support needed to effectively manage a fleet of mobile devices, remotely. With the solution in place, IT can do a better job of monitoring devices, keeping a tab on the usage of the devices and any security incident. Thus, by investing in MDM, an organization makes it’s IT department more productive and better able to do its job.

    Real-Time Support

    With MLP, IT Admin can access and view the screen of the devices remotely and provide support in real-time. This reduces the downtime and employees working in the field does not remain stuck with any issues with the application. Field employees can even send messages anytime from MLP and can ask questions to ground staff whenever they arise.

    With these above five benefits of mobile device management, Businesses of all size can easily deploy the MDM software into their work operation.

    Performing these actions remotely from one location is an efficient way to manage multiple smartphones and tablets and is essential for any large-scale installation or rollout. Many IT departments are already using these platforms to manage corporate-owned devices given to employees and other use-cases such as kiosks and mPOS.

    Scalefusion provides a solution to organizations looking to leverage technology that makes their internal operations run smoother and more efficiently.

    Nema Buch
    Nema Buch
    Nema Buch is a Research & Marketing professional, also writes for Scalefusion on Enterprise Mobility trends, SaaS, and different Industry Verticals.

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