Why an MDM Solution Should Have a Team Communication Suite

  • February 19, 2020
MDM with Team Communication Suite

Modern organizations are thriving on the principles of enterprise mobility as most of their employees depend on the usage of mobile devices to carry out their day-to-day work, from anywhere and anytime. As more and more companies are realizing the growing significance of managing and securing corporate as well as employee-owned devices at work, the value of a Mobile Device Management solution is getting more prominent. However, at the same time, several companies are striving to leverage a secure and remote team communication app for business purposes. This blog will talk about why companies should go for an MDM that also facilitates strong and secure team communication.

The fundamentals of an MDM solution

A vital component of Enterprise Mobility Management, MDM can be broadly defined as software that enables company IT team to remotely manage, secure, and monitor a fleet of enterprise endpoints such as smartphones, mPOS devices, digital signages, kiosks, tablets, Windows 10 PCs, tablets, TV sticks, rugged devices, etc. from a single and unified dashboard. An MDM software empowers the IT admin to carry out several meaningful activities pertaining to managing, monitoring, and securing the devices and it comes with a certain unique and powerful set of features. Some of the capabilities to count on are:

  • Remote device tracking in real-time
  • Automation of recurring IT tasks
  • Remote data wipe and device lock
  • 360-degree visibility of devices
  • Remote device troubleshooting
  • Content and application management
  • Reports, alerts and device analytics

But, how about an MDM solution that also fosters secure and focused team communication!

An MDM Solution with Strong Team Communication Suite Can Make a Difference

While an MDM solution solves a crucial bunch of device management and security challenges for your IT team, team collaboration as well needs to be looked at, to make sure that your employees are using secure communication channels to share/exchange critical company information.

As a matter of fact, today’s employees use a gamut of ways to communicate with each other and the easily available options like social media, public messaging apps, emails, text messaging, etc. have further added to the clutter. So, overall, the following aftermaths can be expected out of this fragmented communication process between employees:

  • Dispersed communication channels
  • Absence of corporate supervision
  • Lack of security measures and restrictions
  • Lack of readily usable contact list
  • Loss, misuse and theft of critical company data
  • Distraction, errors and inaccurate information

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The challenges aggravate when the maximum of your employees work from remote locations as frontline executives. The need to collaborate and take faster, precise, and effective decisions on the fly is pretty prevalent amongst them.

Effective business communication drives faster and accurate decision making, operational efficiency, along with enhanced employee engagement at various levels. When an MDM solution combines the power of Unified Communications by offering a robust team communication app within its solution, it promotes an environment of security, convenience, productivity, and accuracy. Hence, it is most desirable to have an MDM solution with a team communication suite.

How Scalefusion Can Help 

Combining the power of Unified Communications, Scalefusion MDM offers the benefits of an intuitive team communication app, known as Eva Communication Suite. Eva is a strong inter-team communication app or platform that allows the employees to seamlessly communicate, collaborate and exchange business information within a secure and controlled environment. Your remote workforce can leverage the instant messaging application to drive effective team communication.

  • Simple and secure instant messaging: Eva allows your employees to make use of an instant messaging app to securely exchange business information in the form of text messages, images, and voice recordings within a secure network. Employees can also share files and documents within this chat functionality.
  • Seamless communication over team calls: Eva phone allows employees to connect with their team members over both sim-based calls by using the default dialer of enterprise devices. They can also use VoIP calls to reduce cellular costs. The option of a 6-member conference call is also available on Eva.
  • Availability of readymade contact list: Avoid any sort of distractions and interruptions by using specific contact lists including necessary numbers of team members, blocking and hiding of unwanted phone numbers to drive focused and streamlined communication between team members.
  • Effective team communication over group-chat: Eva team communication app also allows employees to utilize the functionality of group-chat wherein employees can be a part of open, close or pre-defined channels to participate in team-wise communication and group discussions.

Scalefusion MDM comes with a set of powerful and intuitive enterprise capabilities. Eva Communication Suite is one of its most popular features, which aims to redefine the way your field force and frontline executives communicate and collaborate in real-time, cutting all the clutter, confusion, and chaos.

Thousands of businesses rely upon Scalefusion for managing their mobile device, desktops, laptops and other endpoints

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