How UEM Simplifies User Onboarding and Offboarding for IT

    Perhaps the first organizational vertical that comes to mind for user onboarding and offboarding is HR. Sure, HR is hands down a major element in an employee entering and exiting an organization. But the role IT plays in these two processes often goes unseen as it’s behind the scenes to a great extent. Yet, in new-age workplaces laden with a range of devices or endpoints, user onboarding and offboarding procedures in IT are elemental to device and data integrity. 

    User Onboarding and Offboarding
    User Onboarding and Offboarding Process for IT

    For streamlined and seamless user onboarding and offboarding, IT teams rely on a robust Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solution. This blog will discuss the importance of UEM in enabling IT to simplify the onboarding and offboarding process.

    User Onboarding Enhanced by UEM

    User onboarding involves setting up new users with the access and tools they need to perform their roles effectively from day one. This process can be complex, involving numerous steps such as account creation, device provisioning, and access rights configuration. UEM solutions significantly streamline these tasks through automation and centralized management. By leveraging UEM, organizations can ensure new hires have everything they need from the onset, fostering a positive first impression and accelerating the path to full productivity.

    Seamless Device Enrollment

    UEM software facilitates seamless device enrollment, a cornerstone of the onboarding process. This includes both corporate-owned and personal devices under BYOD policies. With UEM, IT administrators can enroll devices in bulk with out-of-the-box or zero-touch options or allow users to self-enroll their devices, ensuring the onboarding process starts efficiently. This capability saves time and minimizes errors in manual setup processes. Once enrolled, devices are immediately configured with the necessary settings, applications, and security measures tailored to the specific needs of the user’s role within the organization.

    Role-based Configuration

    One of the most significant advantages of UEM in user onboarding is its ability to deploy role-based configurations or device policies. IT administrators can create user profiles for different roles within the organization, specifying the apps, settings, and access rights associated with each. When a new user is onboarded, the UEM software helps apply the appropriate policy to user devices. It enables access to the applications and resources needed for the job. 

    Automated Software Deployment and Updates

    With UEM, the deployment of software and applications is fully automated, giving new users all the necessary tools as they commence their journey in an organization. This automation extends to software updates and patches, which can be scheduled and rolled out through the UEM solution without requiring user intervention. OS and app patch management ensures all devices remain up to date with the latest software versions. It keeps unpatched vulnerabilities at bay and supports productivity with the most current features and enhancements.

    Customized User Experience

    UEM allows for the customization of the user experience, making the onboarding process more personalized and engaging for new hires. This includes custom settings, wallpapers, and access to preferred apps, making new employees feel welcome and valued. Such personalization can significantly enhance employee satisfaction and engagement from the outset. And personalization is a key factor in enhancing the digital employee experience (DEX).

    Comprehensive Security from the Start

    Security is a primary concern during user onboarding. UEM solutions integrate comprehensive security measures into the onboarding process, ensuring all devices are compliant with the organization’s security policies from the moment they are provisioned. This includes the encryption of sensitive data, enforcement of passcode policies, and the setup of VPNs for secure remote access. By embedding these security measures into the onboarding process, organizations can mitigate risks and protect against data breaches right from the start.

    Streamlined Communication and Training

    UEM can facilitate streamlined communication and training for new employees. Through the content management feature, organizations can provide access to training materials, onboarding documents, and other resources. This ensures new hires have immediate access to the information they need to integrate into their new roles effectively.

    Streamlining Offboarding with UEM

    User offboarding is equally important as onboarding but often overlooked. It involves revoking access to corporate resources and ensuring company data is securely removed from users’ devices when they leave the organization. UEM simplifies this process through centralized control and automation. 

    Immediate Access Revocation

    UEM software enables IT administrators to immediately revoke access to corporate resources, applications, and data for departing employees. This capability is crucial for safeguarding sensitive information and ensuring former employees cannot access internal data post-departure. Through the centralized UEM console, administrators can quickly disable accounts, reset passwords, and revoke permissions across all devices and platforms, effectively cutting off access to corporate data.

    Secure and Compliant Data Wiping

    When an employee leaves, securing sensitive corporate data becomes a top priority. UEM solutions offer secure and compliant data wiping capabilities, erasing all corporate data from employee devices. This process can be automated to trigger as part of the offboarding workflow, providing assurance that no sensitive data is left vulnerable. Additionally, UEM ensures this data wiping complies with industry standards and regulations, protecting the organization from potential legal and compliance issues. For BYOD scenarios, admins can wipe the work container while keeping all personal apps and data intact. 

    Device Decommissioning and Repurposing

    UEM simplifies the process of decommissioning devices once an employee leaves and preparing them for future use. Devices can be remotely wiped clean of all data and settings and then reconfigured for new users. Thus, devices are ready for redeployment quickly. It also extends the lifecycle of IT assets, contributing to cost savings and sustainability efforts. The ability to remotely repurpose devices without requiring physical access is particularly beneficial for organizations with remote or globally dispersed workforces.

    Audit Trails and Compliance Reporting

    Maintaining a detailed audit trail is essential for compliance and security purposes, especially during the offboarding process. UEM solutions automatically log reports for all actions taken during offboarding, such as access revocation, data wiping, and device repurposing. These logs provide valuable documentation that can be used for compliance reporting, audits, and investigations, ensuring the organization can demonstrate adherence to internal policies and regulatory requirements.

    Ensuring Ongoing Security

    The offboarding process is not only about removing access and data; it’s also about ensuring the ongoing security of the IT environment. UEM solutions continue to monitor and manage devices until they are fully decommissioned. This includes updating security policies and monitoring for any suspicious activity (like wrong password attempts) that might indicate a security breach, providing an additional layer of protection during the transition period.

    Make User Onboarding and Offboarding Seamless with Scalefusion UEM

    A fine synergy between HR and IT will remain essential in creating a seamless entry and exit of employees. From an IT POV, Unified Endpoint Management plays a pivotal role in simplifying user onboarding and offboarding procedures. By leveraging a UEM solution like Scalefusion, organizations can automate and centralize the management of these processes, enhancing efficiency, security, and policy compliance.  

    Speak to our experts and schedule a demo to learn how Scalefusion UEM can make user onboarding and offboarding a coherent experience for IT. Begin your 14-day free trial today by signing up.

    Abhinandan Ghosh
    Abhinandan Ghosh
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