Top 5 Ways Kiosk Lockdown Can Help Your Business

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    Having the brightest minds in the company is a boon. But have you ever thought as to why, despite having extraordinarily intelligent people, you’re still unable to meet your productivity and performance goals?

    Well, the answer is super simple.

    Since there are a lot of distractions available today in the form of apps and websites on mobile devices used for work, it’s quite natural for the employees to get distracted. It results in lower levels of productivity which ultimately impacts the overall performance.

    Kiosk Lockdown for Businesses
    Kiosk Lockdown for Businesses

    Productivity and performance are the two most important aspects any organization seeks in its employees. Employers keep on looking for ways to enhance productivity and improvise the performance of their employees.

    But problems arise when both these factors are hampered in some or the other way. To overcome these hurdles, many businesses trust mobile device management solutions essentially packed with kiosk lockdown features to restrict distracting apps and websites.

    In this article, let us throw some light on kiosk lockdown mode and how your company can take advantage of kiosk technology simply and effectively.

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    What is Kiosk Lockdown?

    Well, the term kiosk lockdown is self-explanatory.

    The kiosk lockdown feature locks down any mobile device as a single-app or multi-app kiosk for business purposes. In other words, the kiosk lockdown feature can convert any mobile device into a single-app or multi-app kiosk. It prevents the user from browsing and accessing anything else other than allowed apps and configurations. Since the apps that could distract the employees go inaccessible, it results in enhanced employee productivity and overall efficiency.

    In mobile devices, kiosk mode locks down the devices, allowing just the work-related apps that are deemed necessary for your business to run. Users can only use those apps that have been enabled by the organization’s IT administrator. Mobile devices, such as tablets or iPads, can be used as (POS) Point Of Sales, digital signage, or kiosks to display products or services in Kiosks mode.

    Top 5 Ways Kiosk Lockdown Can Help Your Business

    Kiosk lockdown mode can bring a myriad of benefits to your organization. Let us look at the top 5 ways kiosk lockdown can help any business:

    1. Promotes corporate data and device security

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    With each passing year, corporate data security becomes more and more crucial. It safeguards a company against issues such as money losses, phishing scams, ransomware and malware. A well-maintained security system ensures a positive brand image and fosters client trust.

    Kiosk lockdown promotes a prime level of corporate data security by restricting non-business applications and browsers on mobile devices. Since the employees do not have access to anything other than business-specific apps and websites, the chances to click on malicious links and potentially hazardous websites are cut down to zero.

    With the kiosk lockdown feature, you can set the device screen in full-screen mode and block hardware keys for enhanced security. Kiosk lockdown software also allows to hide the bottom navigation bar as it helps in optimum utilization of the available screen space. For example in digital signages and advertising display boards.

    Location tracking can be enabled on devices set as kiosks, with force GPS always on. In case the devices are lost or stolen, kiosk mode ensures that the data is wiped off remotely. Thus, it prevents sensitive corporate data from being misused or mishandled.

    In a nutshell, Kiosk lockdown mode is extremely helpful for businesses that want to keep a watchful eye on how their employees use their devices for safety, security and integrity. Businesses may ensure that devices are always used responsibly by limiting device functionality.

    2. Boosts productivity and ensures compliance

    The kiosk lockdown mode on corporate-owned devices is a savior.
    Kiosk lockdown converts a mobile device to work as a single-app or multi-app device. It means employees can only have access to those apps, features and websites that are related to business. The Kiosk lockdown feature ensures that employees are utilizing the devices solely for what they were intended to do.

    It helps employees focus on the task at hand by limiting access to distracting applications and websites. In the absence of distractions, employees stay engaged and focused. This eventually promotes overall growth and success by increasing work efficiency.

    3. Saves time, cost and IT effort

    Time and cost both are essentially important for the organizations. With kiosk lockdown, businesses can save a lot of time by restricting non-essential applications on devices used for work purposes.
    The kiosk lockdown feature can convert any mobile device into a dedicated kiosk. Thus, the need to invest in new mobile devices gets eliminated which helps in cost reduction. Also, kiosks require very less maintenance with the restricted features of devices being managed. Lesser apps on devices result in less data consumption, which helps save costs to a great extent.

    Also, since kiosk-enabled devices are protected by a password that is only known to the admin, the employees will not be able to tamper with the device setting due to restrictions. This drastically reduces the device maintenance cost and efforts.

    4. Automating business processes

    Kiosk lockdown enables business process automation by turning mobile devices into dedicated business-specific kiosks. IT admins can schedule tasks beforehand and generate automatic reports based on device logs and activity on a regular basis. IT admins can create and schedule workflows and select a time for its execution. This streamlines the overall business process and helps in increasing staff satisfaction too.

    5. Unattended device management

    Kiosk lockdown feature helps in managing and monitoring unattended devices such as digital signages and digital hoardings or billboards. IT teams can monitor and control these devices remotely, which saves time and effort to manually attend the devices. Content can be pushed over the air and can be played in a loop as well. Kiosks also enable brands to run appealing campaigns using digital content, obviating the need for costly and bulky print materials. Thus, facilitating secure customer experience and overall engagement with the brand.

    How to Enable Kiosk Lockdown Mode?

    Great! Now that you have decided to leverage kiosk lockdown capabilities, let us understand how to provision your mobile devices into kiosk lockdown.

    An MDM is a terrific way to enroll and provision devices in bulk into kiosk mode. MDM solutions help to keep the whole business infrastructure secure and protected. You can easily provision your devices into kiosk lockdown software with the help of an efficient mobile device management solution such as Scalefusion MDM.

    Scalefusion is the best multi-platform kiosk solution available in the market today. It is compatible with diverse device models and OS platforms such as Android, iOS, macOS and Windows 10.

    Wrapping Up

    As they say, “Focus is more important than genius.”

    Kiosk lockdown can bring that very much-needed “focus” into your organizational veins.

    As an enterprise dealing with remote workers, mobile devices and a digital world full of distractions, it is very important to ensure that the devices are only used for work and not for personal or recreational purposes. Scalefusion’s kiosk lockdown feature ensures the same by keeping the focus intact, and unnecessary distractions at bay.

    Malvika Sinha
    Malvika Sinha
    Malvika Sinha is a Senior Content Writer at Scalefusion. A post-graduate in Psychology, Malvika has diverse experience in content curation and strategy. She can be best described as a focused professional, an avid reader, a fitness enthusiast and a music-lover.

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