How to Secure and Manage Rugged Devices Used by the Frontline Workers?

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    The concept of mobile-first culture and remote workforce is prevalent in numerous companies, especially from industrial sectors like service, manufacturing, supply chain, oil & gas, logistics, transportation, last mile delivery, hospitality, healthcare and other similar fields where executives mainly work from remote locations in rough weather conditions to carry out their day-to-day work. This requires them to easily access important company information and data for work accuracy, efficiency and productivity through rugged mobile devices. The blog will talk about how a perfect Mobile Device Management solution is a must to manage rugged devices for frontline workers.

    Rugged Devices for Frontline Workers

    Benefits of rugged devices for frontline workers

    In most cases, frontline workers’ everyday tasks are pretty much unexciting and monotonous but the significant role they play in the business operations makes a direct impact on customer experience and overall business profit. This also means they need to stay motivated and productive all day long, and what can be a better way to keep them engaged than leveraging enterprise mobility through corporate-owned managed mobile devices. Owing to the rough nature of their work and the harsh environmental conditions that they work under; it is ideal for the frontline workers to use rugged devices to carry on their day-to-day job. These durable and hardy mobile devices enable them to perform aptly under tough work circumstances while staying connected with the team or IT admin for exchange of critical company information.

    Let’s read how companies can leverage a reliable and powerful MDM solution like Scalefusion to manage rugged devices for frontline workers.

    Scalefusion MDM is designed to effectively manage mission-critical rugged devices for frontline workers. It equips your frontline workers with the right features, apps and content, and at the same time it empowers the company IT admin to monitor and secure the rugged devices remotely with ease and efficiency. Examine the Scalefusion MDM features and capabilities that beget multiple business benefits for the device users as well as for the business owners.

    • Turn the rugged devices into single or multi-app kiosks: Scalefusion MDM allows your IT admin to remotely turn the rugged devices used by frontline workers into single or multi-app kiosks to ensure that the devices are used just for the purposes entitled for business. At the same time, it prevents the devices from being meddled with if lost or misplaced by the device users. And also prevents unwanted data costs.
    • Define access control policies in your rugged devices: Empower your IT admin to seamlessly and remotely manage rugged devices for frontline workers by applying dynamic access control policies for apps and data usage, based on the employee’s work requirements and business regulations. This ensures that the right information is available to the right person at the right time without any risks.
    • Drive effective mobile application management: Scalefusion MDM allows the company IT admin to leverage the private app store for searching, managing and distributing relevant enterprise apps over-the-air. It allows them to seamlessly upload APKs and deploy them to the rugged devices. Availability of the right business apps make it easier for the frontline workers to stay productive, efficient and updated.

    Enroll your rugged devices and explore the features in free

    • Remotely monitor and track the rugged devices: A critical part of managing rugged devices for frontline workers lies in being consistently vigilant about the company-owned rugged devices that are used from remote locations. Scalefusion MDM allows to track and monitor your rugged devices through features like single and multiple geo-fencing and GPS enabled location-tracking to combat against device loss, misplacement or misuse of data.
    • Remote data wipe and device lock system: Rugged devices used by frontline workers holds valuable enterprise, employee and customer data, which is lost or compromised can lead to irreparable damage to the company. This can be prevented with Scalefusion MDM that allows the IT admin to remotely wipe all data or lock the devices from the dashboard itself in case any device is stolen, lost or misplaced on the field.
    •  Unified and secure enterprise communication: Eva communication suite feature of Scalefusion MDM empowers your frontline workers to communicate with each other and the IT admin though voice messaging, two-way chat, VoIP or conference calls within a controlled and secured environment. The feature also allows the IT admin to get real-time context-aware notifications in case of any compliance or device-usage related violations and other device updates.
    • Bird’s eye view of the entire device inventory: Scalefusion DeepDive feature allows the company IT admin to have a holistic view of the entire rugged device inventory from a unified MDM dashboard. It shows them varied crucial data points like platform summary, device details, number of add-on features, data usage details, compliance violations and details about enterprise store and content management.
    • Support mobile content management: An MDM solution without the feature of mobile content management is only half effective. Scalefusion allows IT admins to effortlessly and remotely share and distribute important enterprise content and business documents through FileDoc app in the rugged devices that empower your frontline workers to access the relevant information and content for better decision making, issue resolution, work accuracy and improved customer service.
    • Drive remote troubleshooting with Remote Cast & Control: Scalefusion remote cast and control feature is one of the most preferred capabilities that enable IT admin to remotely assist the frontline workers to troubleshoot and resolve device issues in real-time. This allows your frontline workers to share the active screens of their devices with the IT admins who can view the same in the dashboard and suggest the right remedy. Remote troubleshooting tremendously reduces rugged device downtime, thereby helping your frontline workers to stay productive on the field all the time.

    Try Scalefusion MDM in free for 14 days to manage rugged devices for frontline workers.

    Sonali Datta
    Sonali Datta
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