Introducing New Updates for Android Device Management – October 2023

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    The past couple of weeks have been brimming with excitement here at Scalefusion HQ. Our dedicated team has been crafting a fresh set of updates and features designed to enhance the daily experience of IT administrators, making their tasks more efficient and seamless.

    First things first, we are thrilled to announce that Scalefusion is now an Android Enterprise Gold Partner. Android device management has also been close to our hearts as a team, and we are eager about what is in store in the coming months.

    In light of the Android spirit, we are excited to announce new features and updates for Android device management.

    Here’s a glimpse of what we’ve been up to:

    Delegation Scope Management

    Scalefusion now grants other applications access by delegating one or more management scopes. 

    We have created new functionalities for the Android device profile, allowing the delegation of additional privileges such as blocking, uninstallation and certificate installation to third-party apps. These third-party applications can now assume control of the assigned privileges. 

    Delegation Scope Management can be accessed via the Device Profile section of the dashboard. The applications that can access this privilege must be enabled for the said device profile.

    Management Scope What can an application do with this scope?
    Certificate InstallationInstall or uninstall device certificates
    Manage App ConfigurationsManage Application Configurations for other apps
    Package Access State(Un)hide or (un)suspend applications
    Manage App PermissionsSet global permission policy and manage individual application permissions
    Block UninstallPrevent specific apps from being uninstalled
    Enable System AppsEnable pre-installed system apps
    Input MethodManage the device keyboard
    Networking LogsStart and collect device network logs
    Security LogsStart and collect device security logs

    Enhanced Security with Application and Component Blocking

    The existing application management features permit you to allow specific apps in Kiosk mode without preventing them from operating in the background. In Agent mode, it ensures full blocking of disallowed apps. Yet, we understand that in certain scenarios, you may require increased flexibility.

    With our latest release, we now offer you the ability to:

    What’s new:

    1. Blocking apps from running in the background (Kiosk Mode): In Kiosk mode, IT admins can now block certain apps from running in the background, providing a more comprehensive application control.
    2. Screen-Level app blocking (Kiosk and Agent Modes): IT admins can now block specific screens within apps, giving administrators more granular control over app usage in Kiosk and Agent Mode.

    Network-based Application Installation

    Enterprise applications often demand significant storage space, making their downloads data-intensive. Downloading and installing these apps over mobile networks can incur substantial costs for organizations.

    In response to this challenge, we have introduced a solution to empower users to manage network configurations for enterprise application installations. This feature operates at both the profile and application levels, providing flexibility and control.

    Key Features:

    1. Profile-Level Network Configuration: IT administrators can now define network preferences for enterprise application installations at the profile level. This ensures that apps within the specified profiles will adhere to the designated network settings.
    2. Application-Level Overrides: Recognizing that certain applications may have unique requirements, we’ve included an option for administrators to override profile-level settings at the application level. This allows for fine-tuned control when necessary.

    Adapting to Modern Password Complexity

    The AER (Android Enterprise Recommended) program has introduced new password complexity rules for device-level passcode settings, effective from Android 12 (API level 31) onward. This new policy lets users create a strong yet easy-to-remember password and eases the workload for IT in managing passwords.

    Instead of navigating through the existing complexity options, like intricate numeric combinations with a specified minimum digit count, or alphanumeric combinations with customizable requirements for letters, numbers, and special characters, Google has introduced three distinct categories – Low, Medium and High. These predefined, unmodifiable complexity options make it as simple as selecting one to establish a comprehensive password complexity policy.

    While the legacy rules continue to function seamlessly on all devices running below Android 12, we will align our work profile complexity settings with the new guidelines.

    View Pending OS Updates

    To maintain the data and device security, as well as device performance, it is critical to ensure that all enrolled devices are up-to-date with the latest OS version. IT administrators like to have visibility into the pending OS updates on all Android devices. 

    With this release, IT admins can check for pending updates either every 12 hours or 24 hours.

    Closing lines…

    We’re excited to introduce these features, designed to meet the evolving requirements and preferences of our customers. With this release, we aim to provide IT teams with upgraded functionality and improved performance.

    In other news, we have also migrated the Scalefusion Help Center to We expect the new home to our documentation to offer our customers quicker access and better UX!

    Our commitment is to consistently improve our product to deliver the best user experience possible. Your feedback is highly valuable to us as we work towards bringing even more exciting features in the future. Feel free to contact us at support[at]scalefusion[.]com to share your thoughts and suggestions.

    Sriram Kakarala
    Sriram Kakarala
    Sriram has been developing mobile applications for 10+ years. His experiences include working on a BYOD solution, a custom Android OS for the enterprises and multi-headed Chat clients for consumers. He has had experience working for early stage start-ups to mid-size stuck-ups and near-stagnant MNC’s. On a personal level he thinks a nice sandwich is all that the world needs!!.

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