Honeywell Device Management with Scalefusion

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    A business almost 120 years old and still going strong instills something customers and partners crave—trust. And trust is perhaps the most prominent brand recall for an organization like Honeywell. Established back in 1906, Honeywell is a name synonymous with not just trust but also innovation and sustainability. 

    Honeywell device management

    Honeywell serves almost every industry with its cutting-edge products and technologies. Many industries use Honeywell devices that form the backbone of their everyday operations. When this device fleet is large, Honeywell device management software becomes imperative. This is where a mobile device management (MDM) solution like Scalefusion comes in to simplify the lives of IT admins in charge of a Honeywell device fleet. 

    What are Honeywell Devices

    Honeywell offers a range of mobile devices specifically designed for various industrial and commercial applications. These mobile devices are built to withstand rugged environments, enhance productivity and provide reliable performance in demanding work settings. 

    Here are some key categories of Honeywell mobile devices:

    • Mobile/handheld computers
    • Tablets
    • Wearable computers
    • Vehicle-mount computers
    • Healthcare computers
    • Mobile phone sleds

    What are Honeywell Devices Used for and Where

    The scope of Honeywell devices is vast and extends to almost all the industries that drive the global economy. With features such as barcode scanning, sunlight-readable displays, long battery life and Wi-Fi connectivity options, these durable and rugged devices can withstand the harshest of environments. 

    Mobile/Handheld Computers: Honeywell’s mobile computers combine the functionality of a traditional computer with the convenience and mobility of a handheld device. They are commonly used in warehousing, logistics, field service, retail and manufacturing for inventory management, asset tracking, order picking and data collection.

    Tablets: Honeywell offers rugged tablets designed to withstand harsh environments while providing the functionality and convenience of a tablet device. They find applications in industries such as transportation, field service, healthcare and retail, where mobile computing is essential for tasks like inventory management, asset tracking and field data collection.

    Wearable Computers: Efficiency is paramount in mobile scanning workflows, particularly in picking workflows, large package handling, sortation, truck loading and other common tasks within warehouse, retail, transportation and logistics operations. Honeywell’s wearable computers eliminate the need for mobile workers to search for, retrieve and put down a handheld scanner. This seamless integration of technology enhances efficiency, increasing productivity while reducing labor costs.

    Vehicle-mount Computers: Honeywell’s vehicle-mount computers are rugged devices designed for installation in forklifts, trucks and other industrial vehicles. Equipped with agile quick-mount capabilities, these computers are highly mobile and can be effortlessly transferred from one vehicle to another. These computers find applications in warehousing, logistics, transportation and manufacturing, where operators require constant connectivity and reliable computing power within their vehicles.

    Healthcare Computers: Honeywell’s healthcare mobile computers offer many benefits, enhancing efficiency, accuracy and productivity across various healthcare applications. These advanced devices empower clinicians and care teams to make quick and informed decisions, elevating patient safety and the overall quality of care. They cater to diverse healthcare applications, including positive patient identification, secure data capture, compliance with electronic health records (EHR), closed-loop medication administration, specimen collection, real-time access to patient and clinical information, alarm response and management, materials management and streamlining pharmacy and lab workflows.

    Mobile Phone Sleds: Honeywell’s Captuvo mobile phone sleds offer a unique solution to protect and enhance the capabilities of Apple iPhone and iPod touch devices, making them ideal for enterprise applications. With advanced scanning capabilities, they can quickly read linear and 2D barcodes, streamlining workflows and improving efficiency. Additionally, the optional encryption-ready magnetic stripe reader enables secure credit card transactions.

    What is Honeywell Device Management and its Challenges

    Honeywell device management is a comprehensive suite of tools and solutions designed to simplify and streamline the management of Honeywell devices in enterprise and industrial environments. It provides organizations with centralized control and visibility over their device fleet, enabling efficient device configuration, monitoring, maintenance and security enforcement.

    However, managing Honeywell devices in isolation without a device management solution can present certain challenges. Here are some of the primary challenges:

    • Configuring and updating numerous devices in a fleet
    • Ensuring the security of devices and compliance with industry regulations
    • Monitoring and maintenance of globally dispersed devices across time zones
    • Deploying and managing applications across a fleet of devices based on specific workforce requirements
    • Managing the entire lifecycle of devices, from deployment to retirement
    • Gathering device data and generating insightful reports for informed decision-making

    Managing Honeywell Devices with Scalefusion MDM

    Scalefusion offers a range of features tailored to facilitate the smooth operation of Honeywell devices. Let’s explore the key functionalities of Honeywell device management using Scalefusion:

    Simplified Enrollment

    Scalefusion provides Zero-touch enrollment for Honeywell devices, enabling faster device configuration. IT admins can also leverage OEM configuration (Honeywell UEMConnect) to automate the enrollment process using ROM-based onboarding. 

    This streamlined enrollment process reduces the effort required to individually configure a fleet of Honeywell devices, making it more intuitive and straightforward. Upon initial power-up, Honeywell devices are ready for use with organizational policies and security measures, eliminating the need for manual reconfiguration after shipping from the warehouse.

    Application Management

    Scalefusion allows IT admins to remotely install, update or uninstall public apps from app stores, Progressive Web Apps (PWA) from the web and native or private enterprise applications on managed Honeywell devices. 

    This ensures that business-relevant apps are maintained without distractions or hindrances for on-field employees. Application management for Honeywell devices empowers IT admins to publish work apps specific to industry use cases, enabling better operational efficiency, real-time data collection, task management and other critical tasks.

    Enhanced Security

    Scalefusion offers a comprehensive set of security features for Honeywell devices. These include data loss prevention (DLP) policies, peripheral access restrictions and media sharing control to prevent data breaches. 

    IT admins can enforce password policies to prevent unauthorized access, utilize certificate management for streamlined authentication and enable complete device lockdown in case of loss or compromise. Factory Reset Protection (FRP) ensures device accessibility only with IT admin credentials. VPN supports tunnel device traffic through secure networks, safeguarding corporate data against malware attacks.

    Kiosk Mode

    Scalefusion enables IT admins to secure managed Honeywell devices by running specific apps or a predefined set of apps, effectively turning them into kiosks. This prevents unnecessary browsing or downloading of unauthorized applications, reducing distractions and maintaining business relevancy. By locking devices into single-app or multi-app mode, IT admins ensure that only business-critical applications and browser pages are accessible, enhancing security.

    Remote Cast and Control

    With remote cast and control, IT admins can quickly resolve issues with managed Honeywell devices used by on-field employees, reducing device downtime. IT admins can create support tickets, capture screenshots, record screen sessions and remotely monitor devices in real time. This feature eliminates the need for on-site visits, leading to lower time and costs associated with troubleshooting. 

    Honeywell’s OEMConfig allows mirroring the device’s screen, analyzing and troubleshooting issues, syncing files and creating support tickets directly from the Scalefusion dashboard.

    Content Management

    Scalefusion’s content management feature enables IT admins to remotely push, upload, edit, publish and delete business-related documents and data on deployed Honeywell devices. This ensures that employees have access to relevant content, such as documents, files, videos and presentations, increasing productivity and minimizing distractions.

    DeepDive Device Analytics

    Scalefusion’s DeepDive Analytics provides IT admins with complete visibility into the inventory of Honeywell devices across all operating systems. This intuitive tool offers a 360-degree overview of all devices, enabling rapid, informed decision-making. IT admins can monitor device health, generate real-time reports on device behavior and analyze data usage. DeepDive analytics empower organizations to optimize operational efficiency, detect and prevent device failures and enhance employee productivity.

    With Honeywell Device Management using Scalefusion, organizations can:

    Manage corporate assets: Maintain control over Honeywell devices and prevent access to non-business applications or websites.

    Stay on top of your device inventory: Monitor the live location of employees for effective management and regulatory compliance.

    Have a bird’s eye view: Analyze device data to develop strategies, enhance productivity and control costs.

    Manage corporate data: Protect corporate data through remote wipe capabilities in case of device loss or compromise.

    Push Over-the-air updates: Ensure devices are automatically updated to the latest version of Android and iOS, minimizing security threats and maintaining standardized operations.

    Final Thoughts

    Scalefusion’s Honeywell Device Management provides a powerful and robust solution with extensive features tailored to managing Honeywell devices effectively. The solution’s scalability, security measures and comprehensive functionalities make it a preferred choice for companies across various industries that use Honeywell devices.

    Speak to our team of experts to know more about how Scalefusion can simplify the management of your Honeywell device fleets. Begin your 14-day free trial today. 

    Abhinandan Ghosh
    Abhinandan Ghosh
    Abhinandan is a Senior Content Editor at Scalefusion who is an enthusiast of all things tech and loves culinary and musical expeditions. With more than a decade of experience, he believes in delivering consummate, insightful content to readers.

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