Effective Contact Management Using a Unified Communication Suite

  • August 30, 2019
Contact Management with EVA Communication Suite

Efficient communication forms the foundation of a productive workplace, which in turn drives timely work completion, better decision making and faster resolutions. Easy and effective connectivity with team members, IT admins and managers creates an environment of transparency, teamwork and proactiveness. However, large organizations with a large list of work contacts often find it overwhelming to maintain it in an enterprise scenario. Having all the work-related contact numbers in the personal contact list definitely doubles the confusion and hassles of using, managing and tracking the same.

Imagine a scenario when your field executive is struggling to find a specific important business contact information through multiple contact lists. It doesn’t only waste his/her time but also leads to frustration at work, delays and lapses.

Challenges posed by the absence of a systematic contact management

Employees and field executives using managed devices need to communicate with the right set of people at the right time to deliver certain business services or to drive operations remotely. As organizations are working with a highly dispersed workforce who are free to operate on-the-go or from remote locations, it becomes more important to streamline communication in a scattered team structure. Lack of a contact management system in enterprise devices can lead to the following challenges:

  • Employees working from remote locations but belonging to the same team often confront problems due to limited communication with team members, managers and IT admins. Absence of a contact management tool hardly allows them to access the important contact from a single place.
  • Employees who store their business contact numbers on their personal mobile devices always face the risk of losing all business contacts in case of device theft or loss. This makes it next to impossible to retrieve all contact information and to store it back on the device.
  • Lack of a single, secure and systematic business contact list hinders real-time communication and work efficacy. It also restricts the company to retrieve or remove the company-related contact numbers from the mobile device when the employee leaves the company.

Use an MDM that comes with the power of Unified Enterprise Communications 

One of the most vital responsibilities of the company IT administrators is to ensure that the mobile devices used for work by the employees are business-ready and protected with management policies and security settings. A strong Mobile Device Management software like Scalefusion empowers the IT admin to do just that and much more depending on the solution’s unique features and capabilities. 

On top of that, Scalefusion is powered by an in-built unified enterprise communication feature, named EVA Communication Suite. This unique feature makes contact management a cakewalk for IT admins and the device users. EVA Communication Suite offers a centralized platform that unifies and secures the way your field executives connect, collaborate and contact the team members and IT admin. It is a single and simple application that controls your enterprise communication across the organization.

This is how EVA Communication Suite helps manage your enterprise contact and communications seamlessly. It offers powerful contact management and SIM/Cellular capabilities that,

  • Allows the company IT admin to create an organized and relevant contact list for the device user and publish the list on the managed devices remotely from the MDM dashboard
  • Empowers the IT admin to have granular control over outgoing and incoming calls by whitelisting specific contact numbers from the dashboard.
  • Allows the IT admin to have additional control like disabling the speakers & dial pad by using custom dialer
  • Let the IT admin have greater control over mobile bills by supervising every outgoing and incoming call on the enterprise devices.

These are a few of the many functionalities. EVA Communication Suite offers the following core components:

EVA Messenger: This allows the user of the same device group to seamlessly have a secure two-way chat and VoIP calls with one another and the IT admin 

EVA Phone: This provides powerful Contact Management & SIM/Cellular Call Capabilities including whitelisting of contacts to restrict incoming and outgoing calls from specific numbers, and conference call facility.

EVA Notifications: This aspect allows the IT admin to stay notified about real-time device issues through nudges and context-aware alerts and updates about device status, compliance violations, location and device health

EVA communication suite of Scalefusion leverages all the benefits provided by a centralized contact management tool but offers much more than just the obvious advantages of a conventional contact management software. It doesn’t only make it easy for the device user to search and use specific contact details but also allow them to seamlessly communicate with the team in real time in a secure environment.

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