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Secure Team Communication App

Why Do Your Frontline Executives Need a Secure Team Communication Software?

Secure Team Communication for Frontline Workers Most companies across sectors like retail, manufacturing, logistics, food delivery, hospitality, healthcare,…
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Website Whitelisting for mobile and desktops

What is Website Whitelisting: Why and How to Do It?

Website Whitelisting The rising threats from cyber-attacks like ransomware, malware, phishing attacks and spyware have taken the business…
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Importance of Kiosk Management Software_for_fb@1x

Why Implementing a Kiosk Management Software is Crucial for Enterprises?

Importance of Kiosk Management Software The kiosk industry has been constantly evolving owing to the newer technologies and…
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Team communication app

Team Communication and Collaboration Among Remote Healthcare Executives

Team Communication in Healthcare Technological advancements in mobility have enabled several businesses to work with a remotely located…
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Allow Only One Website in Windows 10

How to Allow Only One Website in Windows 10

Allow Only One Website in Windows 10 When Windows 10 devices are deployed as single-purpose kiosks, be it…
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How to define password policy for organization

How to Define Password Policy for Your Organization?

Define Password Policy For Your Organization User credentials are everything that hackers search for, and easily available ones…
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Manage multiple Android devices

How to Manage Multiple Android Devices Remotely from PC

Manage Multiple Android Devices Android launched 10 years ago. In a decade, the popularity surged so much that…
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location tracking in logistics

Location Tracking in Logistics: The Growing Significance of an MDM Solution

In recent times, the logistics industry has witnessed several technological shifts. Apart from shippers and carriers exploring and…
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Lockdown Windows 10 Devices in Multi-App Kiosk Mode

How to Lockdown Windows 10 Devices in Multi-App Kiosk Mode

Lockdown Windows 10 Devices in Multi-App Kiosk Mode Windows devices enjoy the popular market share, by and large.…
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