The Periodic Table of Enterprise Mobility Acronyms

Be it classroom or boardroom, everyone these days uses acronyms so widely in their usual communication that sometimes it becomes difficult to understand the correct context. Have you ever faced such a problem during your team meetings or presentations? Being in the corporate world, you can’t afford to miss on some of the commonly used acronyms related to business mobility.

At Scalefusion we use a lot of acronyms while interacting with the global IT leaders and practitioners, so we thought of putting together a Periodic Table of Enterprise Mobility Acronyms. The table covers the security and management aspects of 5 important elements of enterprise mobility namely devices, OS, network, data and apps.

Stay sharp with this handy and smart acronym table to make yourself comfortable during team discussions, boardroom meetings as well as customer interactions. Feel free to share it with your team members and especially the new joiners.

Happy sharing!

Enterprise Mobility Acronyms