Scalefusion MDM Wins the Rising Star of 2019

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    Scalefusion MDM Gains Approval from Experts: Wins Rising Star of 2019 – Accolade for Leading MDM Software from Business Software Review Platform

    Scalefusion MDM is moving from strength to strength as it receives not one but two awards from CompareCamp — the Great User Experience Award and the Rising Star of 2019 Award. The entire Scalefusion MDM Team is proud to share the awards with all our loyal users and supporters.

    We received the two humbling awards from CompareCamp. CompareCamp is a leading authority when it comes to giving credible and transparent SaaS reviews. Its group of experts dedicates time and effort in providing reviews of industry-proven tools and solutions, which educate and inform readers and prospective customers from different sectors.

    Scalefusion MDM received the Great User Experience award for providing a solution that simplifies and streamlines device management through its powerful, flexible, and scalable set of capabilities. Experts took note of how Scalefusion MDM offered a bunch of intuitive and user-friendly features to its users. In addition, Scalefusion MDM also received accolades for its impressive point-to-point monitoring and troubleshooting tools that effectively prevent device downtime. Users have also appreciated the fact that it can easily be run on multiple platforms. Its advanced features like remote casting, location tracking, and content management are greatly favored by both experts and users.

    Apart from the Great User Experience Award, Scalefusion also received the Rising Star of 2019 Award, which is given to popular software solutions that are favored and highly recommended by users. Scalefusion received this award due to the vocal support of current users that highly recommended it with positive reviews, and we are extremely thankful for the same.

    As we move to provide more value-driven features to make device monitoring easier and simpler, we trust that the entire Scalefusion MDM team will continue to work hard. We thank everyone for passionate support.

    Sonali Datta
    Sonali Datta
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