Introducing Third-Party App Update & Patch Management for Windows

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    We always believe that at Scalefusion, the buck never stops. Our primary objective is to keep simplifying device management for IT teams worldwide. Today, we are proud to introduce a much-awaited feature—Windows Agent-based Update & Patch Management for third-party apps.

    Third-party apps are developed for specific purposes and functions, which core Windows software and associated apps can’t offer. These apps can run in tandem with Windows OS or as standalone apps and are allowed in the Windows ecosystem. Some common examples of third-party apps are antivirus apps like McAfee, media players like VLC, editing apps like Corel or Adobe Photoshop, etc.

    Need Analysis

    A significant concern for IT admins across organizations has been the challenge of managing the wide range of third-party apps that run on so many Windows devices—whether company-owned or employee-owned. Add to that the threats looming large over devices running unpatched versions of certain apps. Unpatched apps can carry vulnerabilities that can lead to serious security mishaps, leaving devices and corporate data defenseless against threat actors.

    Our new third-party app management feature will only be available for Windows 10 & 11. Third-party apps undergo consistent updates that cover bug fixes, performance improvement, and new features, among others. Managing these updates is necessary to secure apps and devices and ensure they run seamlessly while keeping potential security vulnerabilities at bay.

    Scalefusion’s Windows Agent-based Update & Patch Management for third-party apps is an automated feature. It encompasses assessments, deployment, and updates. Apps updated and patched to the latest version help secure devices and optimize their performance. IT admins can now manage third-party app updates and patches across their entire Windows device inventory from the Scalefusion dashboard.

    Feature Overview

    Remember, we love making the complex simpler. Hence, there are plenty of tasks IT admins can simplify with our new feature. You can keep a tab on the entire third-party app journey, from download to installation, and updates.

    The Scalefusion dashboard enables you to view real-time information on the number of;

    • Updated apps
    • Devices on which the apps were updated
    • Pending app updates
    • Available app updates

    You can also schedule the app updates and sync the update intervals from the dashboard.

    The third-party app management configuration settings permit IT admins to patch and update apps at global and profile levels. At the global level, configurations will be applied to the entire device fleet, whereas at the profile level, they will be applied only to the selected device profiles. The flow of the update process is as follows:

    • Approved (not applicable when admins choose to deploy app updates based on a specific schedule that includes the option of time, day, and week)
    • Sent for Installation
    • Downloading
    • Downloaded
    • Installing
    • Installed
    • Download Failed
    • Installation Failed
    • Aborted

    When a device is switched off or not connected to a network, and the apps can’t be updated, the update process will resume once the device turns on or accesses a network. If the app update is in the ‘sent for installation’ stage, there are no limits to the number of reattempts. However, when the update is in the ‘downloading’ or ‘installing’ stage, a maximum of three reattempts are permitted. After three reattempts, if the update is still stuck, the status shows ‘download failed’ or ‘installation failed’. In both cases, app updates must be pushed to the concerned device again.


    Scalefusion’s third-party application patch management for Windows offers a host of benefits to organizations. Here’re a few:

    • Centralized and remote control over all third-party apps running on the entire Windows device fleet
    • Enhanced security with regular app updates
    • Scheduled updates based on device location (time zone)
    • Real-time view of app update status
    • Minimum manual intervention for IT admins to manage third-party apps

    For a more in-depth look into how third-party application patch management works on Scalefusion-managed Windows devices, click here.

    Wrapping Up

    Scalefusion offers third-party app management for Windows devices at a time when patch management is the need of the hour for IT teams. This new offering improves device security by minimizing the probability of vulnerabilities creeping into un-updated apps. Rejoice if you’re already using Scalefusion; if you aren’t, now is the time to get started.

    We would like all our Windows users to try this new feature and give us your invaluable feedback. 

    And in closing, we thank all our customers and partners for their outstanding support. Scalefusion will keep raising the bar with more such features in the future in our zeal to make mobile device management more effortless.

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