How to Retain Your Top Talent: Straight From The HR’s Desk

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    Retain Your Top Talent

    I thought hiring the right team is the most difficult task for an HR. I was wrong.

    Retaining the talented team is the most difficult job- not just for the HRs or the managers, but for a company as a whole. When we first started building a team at ProMobi, we realized that retaining good employees is as challenging as hiring them, in fact even harder. Because that’s when the ball is in your court- this time, the employees are going to form an opinion on your company’s operations, values and culture.

    And the strikingly difficult issue here is, there are no rules that you can abide by, to retain good employees. It is a series of experiences that your employees form over their time in the company that can make it or break it for them.

    It’s said that an employee forms an opinion to leave or stay in the company in the first three months after their joining- a pretty short window isn’t it. This is when the HR team, along with the management has to instill confidence about the company in the mind of the employee.

    But people still leave.

    And while there’s no magic formula to retain talented employees, there are combined efforts that can help in retaining the top talent at your company.

    At ProMobi, we’ve imbibed and practiced some values into our managerial and HR teams that have helped us retain some of our most talented, hardworking and passionate employees over the past few years.

    How to retain talent, in a nutshell..

    Most important parameters that make employees stick around…

    • Inclusive culture

    Culture shapes the employee experience like nothing else. At ProMobi, we take efforts to maintain a very inclusive culture where everyone feels belonged. Every employee, the new joiners and freshers, can offer suggestions and inputs. We believe in driving meaningful discussions to solve problems rather than pushing opinions based on hierarchy. Our culture strikes the right balance between work and play and we celebrate, work hard and party harder.

    • Work-life balance

    Flexibility in work drives employee satisfaction. Employees today are okay with spending more than 10 hours in office provided they are offered the flexibility to pursue personal commitment, hobbies or upgrade their knowledge. We encourage our employees to manage their work hours at their convenience, getting the work done is our only condition. We offer the flexibility for the employees to connect remotely in unforeseen situations which instills a feeling of trust within the employees. We also provide a hobby stipend to our employees and encourage them to utilize it!

    • Interesting Opportunities

    Talented employees seek for new opportunities to work and grow. Talented millennials especially look forward to challenging roles. Monotonous workdays lead to disengaged employees. At ProMobi, we attempt to provide interesting opportunities to our employees, helping them grow and evolve in their individual careers.

    • Open Communication

    We are proud of our open-door culture. We offer opportunities to have regular and open conversations with our CEO & CTO, which is very rare in so many organizations. At ProMobi, any employee can discuss their issues or get guidance from the founders. Our founders are always interested in knowing about new things adopted or learned by employees. The HR team plays a vital role in being a mediator between employees and management. Having a very good camaraderie between employees and HR is also helpful.

    • Trust

    Lack of trust and micromanagement can be one of the prime factors generating dissatisfaction among the employees. Organizations should trust the employees and allow them to experiment, even fail at times, to learn and grow. Showing trust towards employees helps the employees to trust the organization in return. Encouraging managers who support employees’ ideas win brownie points.

    • Intuitive Management

    Bad management makes good employees leave. Immediate bosses or management teams as a whole are responsible for an employee’s career growth as well as physiological well-being. Good leaders encourage employees to upskill and upgrade employees whereas bad managers only push the employees to get the work done. At ProMobi, we emphasize on extending exclusive leadership trainings to our managerial teams to ensure smooth management!

    • Transparent review system

    Creating transparent and easy to follow feedback and review system can be immensely helpful. Employee engagement is not just limited to having fun Fridays and arranging games in the office, it is about engaging with the employees on a day-to-day basis, understanding their challenges and also extending appropriate feedback on their performance, supported by metrics, not just perception.

    At ProMobi, the HR and the management teams strive to extend an environment for the employees to learn, grow and add a mutual value also ensuring that there are no Monday blues! We’ve come a long way and we have a long way to go, but our secret sauce to retain our talent is everything stated above, with a human touch!

    You could be our top talent! Join our awesome team, check out our current openings here!

    Shweta Naram
    Shweta Naram
    Shweta brings to the table an experience of 6+ years into Human Resources and People Management. At Promobi, she is one of the pioneers to implement key policies to build a strong team culture that resonates with core values of the company. She likes to be identified as the 'People Happiness Manager'.

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