A Fun-filled Friday evening in ProMobi Technologies

  • October 12, 2016

There is a proverb that says “All day work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Simultaneously adhering to this, we at ProMobi Technologies celebrate the last day of every month to have a break from work. As the last day of the month was a fun-filled Friday, everyone present in the office was striving hard to complete their tasks for the day as soon as they could, because they knew that there’s a monthly event impending. All were so impatient and excited to know about the plan for the evening. As soon as the clock struck 5’, everyone jumped out of their seats to start the celebration.

The game to be played was Ad-Mad. Rules of the game were already circulated to the team in advance. As we commenced the game, various groups were formed and their team captains were asked to select a topic (which was a product) for the team. After selecting a topic, each team was given 15 minutes to prepare a skit and enact it in the stipulated time. Acting has always been a challenging task, even though you are a good actor. The best part of the activity was, even Harishankar Sir (Our CEO) was a part of the game.


Every group was performing very well, as if they were born actors, however the basic idea behind this game was team building, planning and execution, accompanied with plenty of laughter and cheering. To that end, the winners were declared and were presented with some fun surprises.

                                                                              First Winning Team


                                                                            Second Winning Team


After losing some energy in the Ad-mad event with some fun-filled with it, it was time to welcome the new Joinees and birthday celebrations followed with some cake cutting and snacks. The event ended with some unforgettable memories.

We at ProMobi Technologies aim to build camaraderie among our members. It’s all about fun, but it’s more important to have fun with everyone and create a meaningful experience with the team to bond over again.


Karishma is a dynamic and motivated professional with a proven record of generating, building & designing HR & Recruitment process for Startups & Mid-sized IT companies. She has extensive experience in hiring skill based Tech & Non-Tech people with a broad experience in planning, implementing, and evaluating employee relations and setting up human resources policies, programs, and practices. Building relationships with employees across all levels of an organization is her forte.


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