Building a Team at ProMobi: 5 Things We Look for while Choosing our Next Teammate

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    Ideal Candidate
    Building Team at ProMobi

    Our hiring journey

    Ever since we started out building a team at ProMobi Technologies, we were absolutely sure about a few things that we would not compromise on. The best talent of course, is a key determining factor when you are hiring for a bootstrapped SaaS product company growing at a rapid pace, but our expectations were beyond fancy resumes. We wanted to hire people who would be go-getters, risk-takers, determined powerhouses who would dare to innovate to scale the product, passionate folks who believed in adding value- to our organization as well as our customers.

    And let me tell you, to find people with qualities that I could squeeze in a couple of sentences- not easy. We spent days discussing the right set of traits before setting out on a hunt to find our next team member. And after building a strong team, I can gladly say our hiring odyssey has been fun, exciting and equally challenging. It was not a cakewalk, but we learned, evolved but never settled for less- and the result is evident.

    Our hiring is value-centric

    At ProMobi, we take our value-driven company culture very seriously. And we want our team members to imbibe them, live them and drive them. Which is why the qualities we seek in a candidate are so important to us. ProMobi has a vision, to strive hard for the success of the company and product. And while it is hard to find a candidate with all the values we enlist, we try relentlessly to find the right and almost right fit. Because we believe that once the candidate is on board, they relate and adapt missing qualities.

    Being a growing company, these values essentially help in fuelling the growth. We want people to innovate, share ideas- doesn’t matter how tiny they are like improvising an operational process, and implement them. Our CEO and CTO offer the much-needed freedom & trust to our team to drive things, giving people the space to think, be creative and contribute. Hence, we look for people who want to innovate and take full responsibility for it. We are okay with a few mistakes on the way but want people who can overcome and learn from them

    Our Ideal Candidate is…

    • Passionate- Individuals who love what they do
    • Helping- Individuals who don’t hesitate in helping others
    • Creative- People who think out of the box, who create more than consume
    • An Accomplisher- who knows how to get things done
    • An Achiever- who succeeds, there’s no other way around

    As dreamy and idealistic this seems, the biggest challenge we face on the field is to identify these traits in 1-2 hours of interviews and making the right judgement not based on assumptions.

    Deciding the right fit


    Our assignment in between the phone and in-person interview is the best indicator of this, While skills are NOT the most important piece of the puzzle, we assess the candidate on their ability to research, follow directions, adhere to deadlines and give their best efforts during our telephonic and face-to-face interview. We are not necessarily looking for the exact or correct outputs from the assignments, we are more interested in the logical and creative approach to reaching the solution.


    A strong employee is someone who sees a particular role as a challenge. Someone who is ready to accept the challenges, gets down and gets the work done. Who looks at his job as for goal fulfillment, and not just a paycheck. Who is strong enough to get up, dress up and show up no matter how difficult things get!

    Positive Attitude

    We once hired a fresher who didn’t perform very well in the first months, but then picked up, flew up high, showing month-on-month progress, was awarded a few times and was promoted to be a manager. What we learned from this experience was that having the right attitude can determine the graph of an individual and since then on, we started to actively look for the candidate’s attitude- towards work and life. This also determines if the individual would be a risk-taker, a perfectionist.


    We look for people with high energy levels, someone who is very approachable, rather than a stuck up- serious kind. Are they willing to go through the technical coding round? Do they want to learn about the company? Someone who is well prepared and eager for the interview, asks questions on their growth/strategies and wants to know the growth of the company as well. Someone who can give examples, rather than just a question & answer session.


    We believe in investing in teamwork to maintain healthy team dynamics. How a candidate will fit in with the rest of our team is a huge consideration when making a hiring decision. Does this person like working in a team? Will he/she understand the team dynamics? Since every team has a different outlook and perspective, we find candidates to match that. Eg: The sales team is more vibrant and outgoing compared to a technical team who’d rather code while solving a Rubix cube for fun! In our face-to-face interview, we like having some time for casual conversations which help us determine these factors.

    With our hiring and recruitment, we try to bring in the ‘human’ back to ‘human resources’ while being amply particular about the candidate’s competence. This has helped us grow, evolve and succeed and will continue to!

    Do you want to be a part of this exciting endeavor? Click here to be a part of our family!

    Karishma Shingote
    Karishma Shingote
    Karishma is a dynamic and motivated professional with a proven record of generating, building & designing HR & Recruitment process for Startups & Mid-sized IT companies. She has extensive experience in hiring skill based Tech & Non-Tech people with a broad experience in planning, implementing, and evaluating employee relations and setting up human resources policies, programs, and practices. Building relationships with employees across all levels of an organization is her forte.

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