Does Your MDM Vendor Provide a World-Class Customer Support?

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    World-Class Customer Support
    World-Class Customer Support

    The pervasiveness of mobile devices is evident in almost every modern organization around the globe. The dramatic shift in mobile usage amongst employees have kept the companies thinking and rethinking about newer ways to implement enterprise mobility – in order to drive anytime, anywhere productivity and flexibility. On top of that, the rising BYOD culture has encouraged employees to use their own devices at work after connecting to a secured network. While on one hand employees would want to enjoy the productive working hours with the flexibility of using their own devices, the companies too would like to leverage this increased employee efficiency and reduced equipment costs. However, BYOD comes along with its own set of challenges like data security, user privacy, connectivity and device management.

    Mobile Device Management is the answer

    Today’s organizations face more than just the issues brought by employee-owned (BYOD) devices. The heterogeneity of enterprise endpoints, the varied platforms, multiple service providers and the different set of device features make it really difficult for the IT teams to keep a track of all devices used within the corporate environment. As a core component of Enterprise Mobility Management, Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a software that enables the IT admin to manage, monitor, secure and update employee-owned and company-provided devices after they are enrolled in the software platform. It offers a centralized console to keep a tab of all managed devices, enterprise apps, content while applying dynamic security policies and functionalities, remotely and in real time.

    Why your MDM provider must have a flawless customer support?

    A Mobile Device Management without a world-class customer support is like a job half done. Customer support team makes the first impression of an MDM provider’s image and depth of sincerity towards their customers (both existing and prospective). However amazing your product may be, but if your customer is not able to decipher its use case and benefits, everything becomes futile at the end of the day. So, basically a top-notch customer support team ensures the following:

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    Make onboarding super easy for customer: When a company decides to opt for an MDM solution, its IT admin may have several questions in mind about the device onboarding process, policy deployments, platform management, ownership models and so on. A customer-driven MDM solution provider will always ensure to make device onboarding a cakewalk for its clients and they do so by engaging their ever-helpful customer support team. So, while selecting an MDM provider, do some digging about what the customers are talking about the solution in standard sites like Capterra and G2Crowd.

    Eager to listen and offer timely response: A reliable MDM provider will ideally have a sensible customer support team who will be ever eager to listen to the customers’ queries, complaints and confusion about the product or its features, without showing any sign of restlessness or indifference. Remember, great listeners make amazing problem-solvers and hence it’s a must quality to testify the professionalism of a robust customer support team. Also, a customer support team is vouched for its timely responses and resolutions. Customers hardly like to wait to resolve their device related issues as it may have adverse impact on their businesses.

    Skilled diagnosis and accurate query resolution: An intuitive MDM vendor will make sure that its customer support team comprises of executives who are diligent, experienced and confident with sufficient knowledge about the product, its features, use cases, challenges, loopholes, and benefits. A top-notch team of customer support will be capable to understand customer queries and issues and will provide the best possible resolution with total transparency and accuracy. They are direct, honest and precise with their solution and also ensures that the customer is fully able to analyze the situation and the given solution for it.

    Customized support and scope of scalability: It is most desirable to work with an MDM solution provider whose customer support team goes the extra mile to make clients happy. Sometimes, a client may come with a request for a feature or capability that is not a part of the product at present. However, a good customer support agent will listen to the customer’s requirement, will analyze his/her concern and understand the business requirement. In an ideal situation, the agent will politely convey to the customer about the absence of this specific feature but will promise to get back to him with a solution in case it is possible to build this feature to meet his/her special business purpose.

    Free online web training: An MDM software comes with a bundle of features, functionalities and capabilities for multiple use cases that an IT admin must be aware of like the back of his/her hand. A world class customer support team will ensure that the company IT admin is well adept with the software dashboard and all the processes starting from device onboarding, creating user profiles, applying device security policies, to tracking, managing, troubleshooting and wiping of devices. This calls for the need of a free online web training for the IT admins, which will bring in a lot of clarity in the picture.

    So, are you working with an MDM partner who comes powered with a world-class customer support team? Remember, a perfect customer support team not only ensures to solve, clarify and mitigate customer issues, queries and requests but also ensures that the customer experiences success while implementing the MDM solution in his/her business scenario and witnesses benefits out of it.

    Sonali Datta
    Sonali Datta
    Sonali has an extensive experience in content writing, marketing, and strategy and she has worked with companies where she was involved in the 360-degree content production and editing. An avid reader and animal lover, she loves to cook, take care of her plants and travel.

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