BYOD – The New Noble Element of Enterprise Mobility

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    BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device, is an IT strategy that encourages and supports employees bringing in their personal devices at the workplace and using it for accessing their work emails, apps and data.

    Enterprise mobility is the science of digitizing your business with mobile technology where BYOD acts as a noble element of enterprise mobility periodic table.

    Just Google “BYOD” and you will see around 75,70,000 search results. WOW! There is so much information available on the internet about BYOD but still, there is so limited knowledge about the application and usability of the BYOD policy. IT teams are worried about the security of their data and employees are concerned about their personal privacy.

    Employees today expect great amount of flexibility to be able to work from anywhere, anytime and they prefer to use their own devices as they are more comfortable with it. In order to imbibe the flexible but secure work culture, companies need to adopt new enterprise mobility practices.

    Before we start getting into the details of the BYOD implementation, let’s first look at the SWOT analysis of BYOD which covers its internal strengths and weaknesses, as well as its external opportunities and threats of implementing BYOD at your workplace.

    I am sure now you must have been thinking around how to get all the benefits of the BYOD by covering all the risks involved. Here are the 10 principles you must consider while drafting your BYOD policy:

    • Make password compulsory on all BYOD devices
    • Creating a blacklist of prohibited applications
    • Restrict access to critical data/apps
    • Take a timely backup of your device data
    • Keep all software and OS up to date
    • Invest in reliable antivirus software
    • Enforce the use of remote wipe application
    • Monitoring BYOD devices for security and compliance
    • Control sharing of corporate data outside the container
    • Prohibiting transmitting sensitive data over unsecured networks

    While implementing a BYOD policy you must strike a perfect balance between flexibility, privacy, and security to ensure that the set policies will benefit your employees as well as the organization in achieving greater productivity with better efficiency. So, are you all set to go for BYOD? Protect your Android, iOS, macOS and Windows BYO devices with Scalefusion MDM software.

    Parag Dharmadhikari
    Parag Dharmadhikari
    Parag is a marketing technologist who likes to strike a balance between storytelling, design and technology. He comes with 7+ years of IT Marketing experience and currently handling product marketing of Scalefusion for mid-market and large enterprise segment.

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