Application Management on Rugged Devices

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    Enterprise Apps in Rugged Devices

    Rugged devices are playing a tremendously important role in the enterprise mobility as several industries are leveraging these devices for meeting critical business requirements in challenging work environments and tough climatic conditions.

    Indeed, rugged devices play an integral role in upping the game of digital transformation and as per a study by VDC research, the market for ruggedized tablet is likely to reach a total of $882.3 million by 2023. However, the one element that adds value and meaning to the usage and significance of rugged devices is the availability of enterprise apps, without which the rugged devices would not prove to be as useful as required. This blog will talk about the importance of enterprise apps and ways to manage them with the help of a robust mobile device management solution for rugged devices.

    Mobile Application Management on Rugged Devices: The core benefits

    When the workers use rugged devices from remote locations, it is obvious that they will need to perform certain operational tasks that will help them stay informed, productive and precise about their daily work activities. The right industry-specific enterprise apps make your rugged devices do more for your employees with measurable results. Mobile application management, an element of Enterprise Mobility Management, ensures that the relevant business apps are available to the device users/employees to meet a number of business purposes. So, this is how application management can benefit rugged device users when leveraged via a powerful MDM solution.

    • Ensured security of mobile apps and data: A strong mobile application management strategy streamlines and simplifies the entire process of distributing, publishing and updating the required enterprise apps on the rugged devices. Enterprise application management provides a flexible and secure approach to manage, monitor, publish and update work mobile apps on rugged devices without any scope of data/app abuse by the wrong hands.
    • Enhanced employee productivity and flexibility: Availability of the right app at the right time and on the right rugged device undoubtedly helps the employee/device user to access necessary information and take precise action to ensure timely task-completion and unhindered productivity. Enterprise apps also allows the rugged device user to perform actions on-the-go under convenient conditions and resolve customer queries, adds flexibility and efficiency in the process.

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    • Improved process and operational efficiency: Mobile application management for rugged devices allows the IT admin to publish the apt work apps that helps the employees gain better inventory visibility, keep real-time records, maintain proof of delivery, collect and collate business data and other important tasks depending on their job role and business requirements. Hence, access to the right enterprise apps drives improved operational and process efficacy.
    • Drives real-time and secure enterprise communication: Enterprise apps built strategically to drive secure enterprise communications prove to be of great help for sharing, accessing and collecting critical company information within a secure environment. Enterprise apps for communications ultimately drives work efficiency, operational accuracy and employee productivity. A well-informed employee is always more capable of solving customer queries business issues effectively and on time.
    • Streamlines team collaboration and decision making: When rugged devices are powered with the right enterprise app via a strategic mobile application management, this ensures improved team collaboration in real-time and effectuate the process of decision-making for enhanced business processes, efficient operations and precise information-sharing at all levels. This helps to keep the entire team on the same page about taking the right business call at the right time.
    • Reduce overhead costs and device downtime: Implementation of an MDM solution allows the company IT admin to seamlessly manage and secure the mobile applications in rugged devices. It also enables the IT admin to exercise necessary usage restrictions and access limitations by whitelisting specific work apps, which disables employees to download paid apps without permission. At the same time, certain enterprise-specific apps also support remote troubleshooting that reduces device downtime drastically.

    From the field force working out of construction sites, retail executives catering to customer queries to housekeeping agents in hospitality industry, rugged devices are widely used by all kinds of employees, be it the field force, the knowledge workers or the frontline workers.

    Enterprise mobile application management in rugged devices form its very backbone and to some extent, it drives the entire usage pattern and meaningfulness for the rugged devices. Companies looking to deploy rugged devices must consider a strong and scalable MDM platform to ensure seamless and streamlined mobile application management.

    Check this stepwise procedure to know how to install enterprise apps on managed rugged devices using Scalefusion dashboard.

    Sonali Datta
    Sonali Datta
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