How to Setup a Work Profile on Android?

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    The trend of employees getting personal devices to work is evolving continuously, and Android mobile devices are the most preferred with more than 70%1 of the market share. Hence, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) as a policy is being adopted in organizations all over the world. While BYOD provides complete access to corporate data on personal devices, creating an Android work profile separates and secures corporate apps and data without interfering with the personal profile of the user.

    Android Work Profile
    Work Profile on Android Devices

    What is a Work Profile on Android?

    A work profile on Android separates corporate apps and data from personal apps and data. A device with a work profile enables users to use the same device for personal and work purposes securely. Organizations manage and secure work apps and data while the personal profile data remains private to the user. The profile separation is achieved through containerization that creates two profiles: a work profile and a personal profile on devices.

    Organizations that support personal devices at work adopt a BYOD policy to implement a work profile on devices. IT admins provide instructions to employees on how to add their personal devices to the BYOD policy and set up a separate work profile on their Android devices.

    What is the Need for a Work Profile on Android?

    When employees get personal devices to work, they have complete access to work apps and data. In the case of the absence of a work profile, organizations cannot manage and control the corporate apps and data, exposing corporate data to misuse or theft. 

    Work profiles are separate containers on devices that store corporate apps and data. They separate your work and personal apps and their data at the platform level, giving organizations full control over the environment where company-specific apps and data run on personally owned devices. An IT admin manages and decides the functionalities of the work profile.

    Android work profile helps to separate work apps and data to maintain corporate data security while not compromising user privacy. It also helps employees to maintain a work-life balance since employees do not need to juggle multiple devices.

    Prerequisites to Set up the Work Profile on Android

    IT admins can execute work profiles setup on managed devices only when the following requirements are met. 

    • Devices are running Android 6.0 and above.
    • Devices are not corporate-managed.
    • A robust MDM with BYOD management.
    • Devices enrolled in the BYOD policy of the organization.
    • Devices are connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data. 
    • Employees have access to their corporate email accounts to activate work profile URLs.

    How to Set up a Work Profile on Android Using Scalefusion

    Scalefusion with Android BYOD management enables IT admins to configure a work profile that ensures corporate data is safe and secure on employee devices. Let us look at the steps on how to begin and create a separate work profile on Android.

    To create a work profile, employees need to first enroll their personal devices to Scalefusion. Before that, there are a few steps to be followed by IT admins– 

    1. Create a BYOD profile, group policies, and set a password for work apps and other settings.

    2. Add users that should enroll their personal devices and send invites to them to enroll.

    3. Create a QR code enrollment configuration with the BYOD profile containing the policies.

    4. Send invites to user emails with the facility to scan a QR code for enrollment or log in via email to create a work profile.

    Once the admin sends invites to users, they need to follow the instructions mentioned in the email to create a work profile on their personal devices. The following are the steps to be followed by the employees/end-users

    1. Install Scalefusion from Google Play Store on the device.

    2. Scan the QR code sent by the IT admin or select to sign in via email

    3. Enter the details received in the email

    4. Once the details get verified, click create work profile.

    5. Give all permissions to Scalefusion to install apps from the managed Google Play Store and set work app passwords and user access.

    6. Scalefusion work profile is ready.

    7. The work profile apps will have a blue briefcase sign on the device.

    Final Words

    Once devices with work profiles are set up, IT admins have extensive control over work-related apps, files, and data. They can configure and enforce device-level policies to set security layers to access your work apps set up on an Android device.

    To know more about how to use Scalefusion for setting up a work profile on Android, sign up for the 14-day free trial.

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