Android 10: The Q That Rocks

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    Android 10 The Core Ideas
    Android 10

    The queue that waited for Android 10 is just getting shorter as we saw the release of the same on pixel devices and a few others. Although the big release for all android devices is expected to happen anytime soon, please note that Android 10, formerly Q, has promised a wide set of features, which are already present in iOS devices.

    Lately, we get to witness a lot of catch-up play between OSs, and we see that there are niceties in both. It would be a while when both of them can be on the same pedestal as enterprise software. For now, Android 10 is ruling the rooster and we see a great set of features being released for both consumers and enterprises to make their lives easier.

    While the new release offers some pretty cool productivity features, it definitely highlights its primacy to improved privacy – both at the user and enterprise levels. Scalefusion has always embraced the ideas of security and we have held it up with paramount importance while building the platform/solution.

    We are pretty happy to know that the new release will offer a lot of options to enhance and enforce enterprise security. With Android device management, enterprise IT gets more control over updates and apps on devices that access critical business content and data.

    Here are a few ways Android 10 improves the security aspects as mentioned above:

    1.  Security & Privacy:

    • Adiantum is an encryption method designed for CPUs that lack Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Encryption has always had a set-up back with a performance overhead and Adiantum has made it easy with little burden on the processors. With Android 10, phone makers will now have to encrypt data with the new encryption method, which also implements TLS 1.3 for increased security.
    • Changes to the Biometric API allows services and apps to be used for secure authentication while ensuring a greater layer of security.
    • Access to IMEI and device serial number identifiers have been restricted to prevent imprudent device tracking.
    • Randomizing the MAC address while connecting to access points also introduces a deeper level of security and location privacy.

    2.  Location:

    While iOS has always had the option to allow location services to be enabled/disabled by individual apps or while using an app, Android 10 did a smart move on introducing this now. Users can now choose to allow location tracking by apps all the time or never.

    3.  Perfect Control for IT

    • Android has always been releasing updates and patches. To prevent constant updates and to maintain a certain consistency across devices, MDM for Android 10 allows IT managers to freeze updates for 90 dates and allows all the updates to be pushed as a single/custom file.
    • IT is now empowered to prevent installs from unknown sources on the work profile, which reduces the risk of spurious entries onto the devices.
    • Security policies are enforced by organizations to ensure device and data security. To CYA (Cover your apps), Android 10 now can ensure a stronger screen lock password if the security standards are not met.

    At Scalefusion, we are getting the platform/solution ready to adhere to the new ways of life introduced by Android 10. We will be in for more pleasant surprises as the rollout happens and we shall keep you posted. If you prefer absolute security for your devices and data, you should be talking to us sooner! Give us a shout at [email protected] and mark your subject as Android 10 and we shall be happy to answer your queries. In the meanwhile go ahead and sign-up for free to check the awesome sauce we have built for MDM/EMM deployments, irrespective of your mobile deployment strategies.

    Ramanan Subramani
    Ramanan Subramani
    Ramanan is 51% technologist and 49% creative. He is a polymath and comes with 18-plus years of experience in both technology and marketing/communications.

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