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Digital Citizenship

A Passport to Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship Do you remember at what age you first used a mobile phone, accessed the internet or…
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Microsoft Kiosk Browser App

How to Configure Microsoft Kiosk Browser App in Single App Mode

Be it for displaying digital signage or to explore web apps on shared kiosks, Microsoft Kiosk browser empowers…
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Configure Chrome Browser

How to Run Chrome Browser in Single App Mode on Windows 10

Configure Chrome Browser with Scalefusion Chrome browser is packed with versatile features elevating the browsing experience for the…
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Evolution of Android

[Infographic] Android: A Dessert That Keeps Getting Better

Android 10 (Android Q) was officially released by Google on September 3, 2019, at Google I/O 2019 event.…
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Mobile Threat Defense

[Infographic] The Growing Need of Mobile Threat Defense

The ever-growing pertinence of mobile devices and our increasing dependency on them is like a coin with two…
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Android 10

Android 10: Are we there yet?

Hits & Misses of Android 10 If guessing the name of a dessert starting from Q has had…
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Effective Communication for Business Success

Effective Communication in a Startup: A Doorway to Business Success

“Companies are built on communication. It’s not a company without it — just a bunch of people bumping…
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Customer Success

How to Become a Customer Success MAFIA

Working for a B2B SaaS product company enriches you in numerous ways! Most of the time, your head…
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Don’t Let your B2B SaaS Product Miss Out on User Experience. Here’s How.

Role of UX in B2B SaaS Product The world of B2B SaaS products is ever-expanding, and the market…
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