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Leader as a Change Agent

How a Leader Can Be a Change Agent?

The dramatically evolving digital age with the influx of advanced technologies have changed the way businesses operate and…
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Accepting Change at Workplace

Learn How to Make ‘Acceptance of Change’ a Part of Workplace Culture

Accepting Change at Workplace The business world is constantly changing, which is in sync with the ever-evolving advancements…
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How to Be a Confident Leader

How to Be a Confident Leader at Uncertain Times

I only partially believe in the saying that ‘a leader is always born’. Our life consists of innumerable…
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Scalefusion speaks with Rafael Vazquez

Scalefusion Speaks with Rafael Vazquez, Senior Sales Director at Xiaomi Technology

Rafael Vazquez | Senior Sales Director Xiaomi Technology Last week, Scalefusion had the opportunity to connect with Mr.…
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Role of CX in B2B SaaS

How B2B SaaS Companies Can Scale Up Their Customer Experience?

Customer Experience in B2B SaaS In a rapidly shifting and highly competitive business scenario, every company is talking…
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Understanding Innovation Ecosystem

An Innovation Ecosystem: Why Companies Need It?

An Innovation Ecosystem Oftentimes, companies come up with greater and brighter business ideas and innovative solutions when they…
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Does Your Corporate Culture cultivate leadership mindset

Does Your Corporate Culture Cultivate Leadership Mindset? Find out

Corporate Culture & Leadership Mindset The culture that is ingrained in us, our very mindset and attitude and…
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Top 5 Qualities of an Entrepreneur

5 Must-Have Qualities of an Entrepreneur to Influence People

Qualities of an Entrepreneur There is a global surge in startup culture and this makes entrepreneurship a commonly…
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Future workspace to be like in 2020

What the Future Workspace Might Look Like in 2020: Top 5 Insights

Future of Workspace in 2020 2020 is just around the corner and the workspace changes have already begun…
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