MobiLock Pro – The Story

  • April 13, 2018

MobiLock Pro

There is a phrase, “Nothing good happens after midnight”. Well, now we have a good reason not to believe in it.

It was a usual amusing day at work, past midnight, we were having burgers & some casual discussions about HOW we can make our product BETTER apart from providing great VALUE to our users. Making a note of it, as providing value and quality to our customers is our main objective, our brand should also stand beside it to make them feel that it is VALUABLE, that it should convey the quality of the product they are using or getting into from just a look of it.

That’s where we took the challenge to create an identity for ourselves to get that recognition, and it is not just about creating pleasing visuals, it is about the spirit of Scalefusion.

Although we decided to create a new identity, we did not want to play with the soul of Scalefusion. Over the period of time, we expanded ourselves to some level. So we have to look back to those things and not to forget the values of Scalefusion (The Base of Scalefusion).

i.e. Kiosk Lockdown, Enterprise store, Content management, Remote control & Eva monitoring app, our core sub-products.

Visual Language:

1. Colors

Now that we know what we need to do, we started on “HOW” and jumped into conceptualization and brainstorming sessions and we came to a conclusion that “What leaves more impact on your mind more than colors? Probably nothing!!!

There we go, it is getting better and better now. It can be done with just some colors in it, next step was to find some nice set of appealing yet sophisticated colors for each of our sub-products (Kiosk Lockdown, Enterprise store, Content management, Remote control & Eva monitoring app) and bind it together with our easily recognizable Lock symbol .


2. Icons & illustrations

When it comes to visual design, it’s very easy to make something beautiful, but very hard to make it meaningful.



3. Animations

Before jumping into the process and create weirdly flashy animations, we had to understand what we want to convey. It can’t be just for catching people’s attention, there has to be a meaning to it and if we are taking even a few seconds of that person’s time, it should be more informative. They should talk about Product.

MobiLock Animation

– Execution of the website

So, designing was not easy, now you can imagine the development.- We wanted to give great user experience on any device, otherwise, the design would go unseen.

– Reducing asset sizes

The main challenge for development was to keep the website feather-lite while keeping the animations and illustrations intact.

Our initial approach was to convert the animations into GIFs, but there was a big problem, the GIFs were still too big in size.

While seeking for a solution, we came across a plugin for After Effects called BodyMovin, which automatically converts After Effects animations into motion SVGs. Even though there are some limitations, it worked out well for us and got ourselves very crisp and light animations.

MobiLock mockup_website


It’s been quite a journey rebranding Scalefusion, it’s not the end and you can’t even say it’s perfect (A successive product is never done or perfect).

We are just getting started & we’ll get better.

In the end, it was a fairly remarkable effort from our small design team under the guidance of our marketing folks and from the developers to pull it off as per the expectations.


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Super Ninjas of this project:
Gokarna, Sibu, Mohit, Sankalp, Dhaval

About the Author

Self derived and motivated UI/UX Designer, believes in working hard but effectively, passionate about Interfaces may it be Mobile, Web or anything with a display.

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