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Make IT work for remote working

IT Management: 5 Best Practices for Remote Work

Love it or hate it, remote working is the new normal. While the initial hesitation and reluctance the…
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Enterprise Mobility Basics

BYOD vs CYOD vs COBO vs COPE – Know the Difference

BYOD vs CYOD vs COBO vs COPE Device management has been a top concern for organizations that embrace…
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MDM for K-12

MDM for K-12: How to Pick the Right MDM for Education

Digital transformation of classrooms has been on the rise in the last decade. The upsurge in the use…
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Retail Mobile Technology Strategies during Covid-19

How Mobile Technology is Helping Retailers Stay Operational During COVID-19

Let’s face it. 2020 has not really been what we thought it would. Businesses across the world took…
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Mobile health basics

The rise in mHealth- How mHealth is redefining healthcare

How mHealth is redefining healthcare Mobile devices have revamped the human lives exponentially, practically inventing processes across every…
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Remote Working Tips

9 Tips to Make Adjusting to Remote Work A Whole Lot Easier

Remote Working Tips Let's admit it, we all have been affected by the current pandemic situation. The coronavirus…
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Best Remote Working Tools

Top 10 Remote Working Tools That Make Work From Home A Breeze

Enterprise mobility and digital transformation, along with mobile penetration has truly transformed workspaces. The unprecedented times that pushed…
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tablet kiosk in healthcare

5 Important Ways Healthcare Industry Can Use Android Tablets As Kiosks

The healthcare industry has heavily benefited from technology, helping caregivers and healthcare professionals an opportunity to elevate their…
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SaaS vendor checklist

7 Must have traits in an Enterprise SaaS vendors: How to Make the Right Choice

SaaS vendor checklist Modern businesses make extensive use of software applications for improving enterprise operations and enhancing interoperability.…
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