What Are Zebra Devices Used For?

Zebra devices are tailor-made rugged devices made to suit and cater to the diversified and ever-changing needs of the on-field employees working in harsh environments and extreme conditions.

What Is Rugged Device Management?

Rugged device management refers to the process of remotely monitoring, configuring, securing, and updating rugged devices used in industries such as logistics, field service, and manufacturing, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

Features of Zebra Device Management with Scalefusion

1. Ease-of-enrollment 2. Application management 3. Security for Zebra devices 4. Kiosk mode 5. Remote cast and control 6. Content management 7. DeepDive device analytics

Benefits of Zebra Device Management

1. Corporate asset management 2. Corporate data management 3. Real-time Location Tracking 4. Device & Data Analytics 5. Over-the-air updates

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