It ensures that computers boot using only software trusted by OEMs, preventing unauthorized software, like malware, from taking control.

Boot Security

It protects vulnerabilities by monitoring, detecting, and removing malware, spyware, and ransomware threats from a computer system.

Malware & Antivirus

App Security

It includes all security measures at the app level that aim to prevent the hijacking of data/code from the app.

Browser Security

Web browsers employ security models to protect visitors from deceptive sites that might steal passwords or infect computers.


Encryption helps protect the data on computers so that it can be accessed by people who have authorization.

Data Backup

It includes technologies and practices for making periodic copies of data/apps on separate devices, using them for recovery later.

Device Protection

LDP helps locate a missing device. If unretrievable, the technology can remotely lock and erase the data on the device.