Mobile technology has disrupted the education environment. Mobile Device Management manages the pitfalls of using mobile devices at school.

Keeps Students Focused

Cyberloafing—engaging in non-school related activities over the internet—causes distractions. MDM for education restricts access to entertainment, gaming and online streaming websites.

Protects Minors

Minors lack the maturity to safely process violent, hateful or obscene content. MDM blocks access to inappropriate websites that can harm younger students.

Curbs Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is a significant problem for schools. MDM for education can block public blogs, chat clients and online forums where cyberbullying is most prevalent.

Supports BYOD

BYOD is gaining popularity in some schools. MDM can monitor the use of a personal smartphone, tablet or laptop and ensure they follow the school's BYOD policy. 

Enables Remote Learning

Mobile devices help students study more efficiently regardless of their location. With MDM, teachers can create an engaging and interactive learning experience for students.

Deploy and manage mobile devices in your school with Scalefusion MDM