Using Android Kiosks for Digital Signage

Android OS devices can be turned into digital signage by running them in single or multi-app kiosk mode for dedicated business purposes.

Benefits of using Android tablets for digital signage

• Cost-effective • Versatile • Easy to manage • Interactive • Energy-efficient • Multiple hardware and connectivity options

How to use Android tablets as digital signage kiosk

• Select the right tablet • Install digital signage app • Configure the digital signage app • Secure the tablet with PIN/password • Manage the tablet and run it on kiosk mode using an mdm solution 

Businesses that use Android tablets for digital signage

• Retail stores • Shopping malls • Hotel & Restaurants • Amusement parks & Museums • Airports • Hospitals • Events & Exhibitions

Tips for using Android tablets for digital signage

• Enable kiosk mode and screen locking • Use high-quality content • Schedule your content • Add interactive elements • Ensure right screen orientation • Keep branding consistent • Monitor & analyze • Leverage remote management & troubleshooting

Run Your Android Tablets as Digital Signage with Scalefusion MDM