MDM & HIPAA Compliance

Increased adoption of mobile devices in healthcare makes mobile security complex. MDM supports best practices for mobile device security.

ePHI Encryption

HIPAA Compliance requires encryption of ePHI data. MDM can enforce data encryption when the data is at rest on mobile devices—both corporate and personal.

Device-level Protection

Protecting ePHI data is critical. MDM can track location and remotely wipe devices before they fall into wrong hands.

BYOD Management

HIPAA requires security measures to keep patient data private. Containerization separates personal and ePHI data on personal mobile devices.

App Usage Control

MDM minimizes the risk of installing unsanctioned apps on corporate devices. IT admins can whitelist the HIPAA-compliant apps and distribute them to devices.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

DLP policies are crucial in safeguarding PHI data. MDM helps IT implement policies so that only authorized users have access and data is not misused.

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