Simplify Linux Management with UEM

Effortlessly manage your Linux endpoints with Scalefusion UEM Solution.



Enroll Linux Devices 

UEM enables seamless enrollment of Linux devices and lets IT teams manage them from a unified dashboard.



Check Device Vitals

IT teams can obtain all the vital information about the health of your Linux devices.



Perform Critical Actions

With an UEM solution, IT teams can perform remote actions on the devices such as device shutdown and device reboot.



Review Device Downtime

IT admins can diagnose downtime of Linux devices to improve productivity.



Run Linux Scripts

IT teams can simply upload bash scripts and deploy them on managed Linux devices via a UEM solution.



Implement Security Controls

UEM solution ensures security compliance through granular device control features like USB blocking and  Wi-Fi configuration. 



Configure Passcode Policy

UEM solution enables IT teams to set passcode policies to meet complexity requirements such as length and special characters.



Start Managing Your Linux Devices!