Discover the versatility of Shared Android Devices feature in diverse industries


• Allow multiple employees to use the same device with personalized profiles • Tailor device settings to specific job roles to increase productivity • Manage stock levels, fulfill orders, and monitor sales for each profile


• Create separate user profiles for clinicians to ensure patient data privacy • Customize user settings to match the needs of different healthcare providers • Access patient data, review medical records, and update treatment plans exclusive to each profile


• Empower hotel staff with shared devices working in different shifts • Create multiple profiles for hotel staff to manage reservations and process payments • Customize user profiles and restrict access to each other


• Allow warehouse workers and delivery drivers to share devices • Create multiple user profiles on a single device • Scan packages, track shipments, and update inventory on each profile


• Enable device sharing on the production floor • Personalize user profiles to match specific team and job functions • Monitor profile-wise inventory and production schedules 

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