Self-service Kiosks:

Consumers today prefer self-service over human contact. They expect businesses to provide self-service options to interact with a brand at their own pace and convenience.

Registration & sign-ups

Self-service Kiosks Boost Efficiency

Self-service kiosks create a frictionless customer experience, thereby increasing efficiency in business operations so you can:

Free up time for higher-value tasks

Boost staff morale

Cut down labor costs

Reduce wait time

Minimize errors

Combine Self-service with Human Support

Businesses use self-service kiosks to augment their frontline staff and work together to create happy and satisfied customers. Here are some industries in the service sector that apply kiosks.

Self-ordering Kiosks in QSRs

Self-service kiosks act as POS systems. Customers search menus, place orders, and verify purchases. 15% of sales increased significantly through QSR kiosks*.

Self-registration Kiosks in Healthcare

Mobile devices & apps streamline business operations. Turning smartphones & tablets into kiosks help reduce staff workload, make the patient registration process faster, and reduce data collection errors.

Self-service Retail Kiosks

Consumers use unattended kiosks to carry out the entire shopping process—online inventory browsing, pricing information, custom order placement, and payment processing/shipping.

Banking Kiosks

Banking kiosks enable customers to undertake transactions like cheque depositing, account opening, or cash depositing without a teller's intervention.

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