Cross-Platform Management

PC/Desktop management software should be able to accommodate desktops with varied operating systems. Windows, Android (Chromebook), Apple (Mac) or Linux—it should support all!

Passcode Ploicy

IT admins must be able to configure passcode policies on PCs/desktops to consolidate device integrity and data security.

Third-Party App & Patch Management

Automated patch management of third-party apps keeps vulnerabilities in check to improve your security posture.

Website & Application Whitelisting

Ensure your PCs/desktops only access IT-approved apps and websites. It helps enhance employee productivity and prevents access to malicious apps and websites.

Remote Access

Reduce device downtime with a PC/desktop management software like Salesfusion MDM  that offers Remote Cast & Control. This feature helps in remote troubleshooting and reducing PC/desktop downtime. 

Choose a PC/desktop management solution with features that improve security and drive productivity.  Try Scalefusion MDM