How to Manage Samsung Knox Devices with MDM

Samsung Knox Manage (KM) is a mobile device management (MDM) solution to manage Samsung devices from a central location. With Samsung KM, you can control device settings, deploy apps, and manage security policies.

Benefits of Samsung Knox

Improved security: Samsung Knox protects your devices from malware, data breaches, and other threats. Increased productivity: Samsung Knox can help your employees to be more productive through seamless app and content management. Simplified IT management: Samsung Knox simplifies your IT management by remote management of devices.

Samsung Knox offers a number of benefits, including:

How to Set Up Samsung Knox

To set up Samsung Knox, you must create an account and then add your devices. Once your devices are added, you can start managing them.

Which Device Settings Can be Managed

With Samsung KM you can manage a wide range of device settings, such as the lock screen, the home screen, and the installed apps.

How to Deploy Apps

With Samsung Knox, you can deploy apps to devices either manually or automatically. You can also control which apps are allowed to be installed on your devices.

Which Security Policies Can be Managed

With Samsung Knox, you can manage a wide range of security policies, such as the passcode, encryption, and firewall policies.

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