How to Manage Android Devices Remotely?

Mobile Device Management (MDM) for Android remotely manages mobile devices deployed across multiple locations and maintains IT control. The following capabilities help

Bulk Enrollment

Organizations should use simple, low-touch ways for users to enroll devices. MDM offers multiple ways to enroll Android devices based on

IMEI Number

Serial Number


Android Kiosk Management

The need for converting mobile devices into single-purpose devices is rising. Companies can choose a lockdown option–single-app or multi-app kiosk–over the air.

App Management

Deploy apps without needing IT personnel onsite. Install and update apps silently on remote devices for streamlined productivity.

Content Management

MDM provides remote access to corporate information and ensures it's accessed by authorized Android devices only.

And, that’s not all!

MDM gives IT teams additional capabilities to manage Android devices remotely, including

Compliance checks