5 Key Benefits of Using Apple Business Manager

Apple Business Manager (ABM) works with mobile device management (MDM) solutions, letting organizations buy, assign, publish, and update content over the air.

Streamlined Device Management

ABM helps organizations implement a zero-touch device setup workflow for iOS and macOS devices.

Enhanced Security

Connecting ABM to the organization's MDM solution is necessary to enable 'Lost Mode' on managed devices. Only then IT teams can track and, if necessary, disable devices when they are lost or stolen.

Managed Apple IDs

With ABM, enterprises can now manage Apple IDs for employees that need administrative access to ABM. IT managers can control what different admins can do inside the portal.

Prevent Misuse

Devices enrolled with ABM cannot be removed from management by factory resetting the device. Apple devices will remain under corporate management, preventing misuse of company-owned devices.

Cost Effective

Organizations get all ABM benefits for free. Resellers who use Apple's API may incur development costs and charge a fee to add devices to ABM.

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