Shared Devices for Android

Shared devices are tablets or smartphones owned by an organization and shared among two or more employees working in different shifts. 

User-Based Profile Switching

Automatically configure devices based on signed-in users and ensure that devices are always ready for the intended user, improving efficiency and security.

Group-based Device Sharing

All the users added to one particular group can easily share devices and conveniently switch between profiles using the sign-in/out feature.

Allow Admin Sign-In Option

When enrolling a device via authentication, IT admins can use the exit passcode to complete the process.

User Authentication

Allow only authorized users to access the shared device with an email address and OTP-based authentication.

Clear Data on Sign-In

Clear data of allowed apps after every user signs in successfully on shared devices.

Configure Alert Messages

Display a personalized message to users on shared devices 5 minutes prior to their scheduled automatic sign-out.

Accurate Device & User Reports

Monitor user activities and ensure optimal use of shared Android devices. 

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