How to protect corporate data with Android MDM?

Mobile device management (MDM) solutions helps businesses secure their Android devices and protect corporate data.

Android MDM solutions can help businesses do the following:

Secure corporate data:  Prevent unauthorized access to data and wipe data remotely. Enforce security policies:  Set strong passwords, disable USB debugging, and prevent installation of unauthorized apps. Track and monitor devices:  See where devices are located, what apps are being used, and how devices are being used.

There are many Android MDM solutions available, so businesses must choose one that meets their specific needs. Some factors when choosing an MDM solution include:

Once an MDM solution is chosen, businesses must follow instructions to set up the solution and enroll their Android devices. 

Once the MDM solution is set up, businesses must configure security policies and track and monitor their Android devices. This protects corporate data and ensures Android devices are used in a secured manner.

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