Why Android COPE is More Than BYOD

While BYOD is great, it might not be the right fit for several organizations. Especially for knowledge workers, organizations must offer flexibility with devices used while also ensuring corporate data on those devices is secured.

How to Find Best of Both the Worlds

Since Android 9, COPE (now WPCO) has balanced work data security with employee flexibility. Organizations control "work profiles" on company devices, offering a personal profile for private use. Android 11 emphasizes employee privacy:  WPCO keeps work data secure within a separate container while limiting organizational oversight of personal activities. This "hybrid" approach caters to the modern workforce's needs.

COPE/WPCO Management Made Easy

Scalefusion offers support for WPCO/COPE devices, enabling organizations to seamlessly manage hybrid work scenarios. With Scalefusion, IT admins can: – Enroll Android devices in COPE mode – Configure apps and security settings on the work container – Configure device usage schedule, defining timelines as to when the device is available for personal use – Configure the maximum number of days off from work

Threat-proof Your COPE/WPCO Devices

– Scalefusion supports COPE/WPCO enrollment. – IT admins can enroll Android devices into Scalefusion with a COPE profile and configure them accordingly – The comprehensive security features safeguard corporate data against malware, unauthorized access, and misuse.

Choose Scalefusion for Android COPE Device Enrollment and Security