How Does ASM Benefit The Education Sector?

How Does ASM Benefit The Education Sector?

Simplified device deployment

Centralized management

Virtual classroom enablement

Pushing educational content to devices

Analytics & reporting

What is Apple School Manager?

Apple School Manager is a platform that offers a range of tools and features for educational institutions using Apple products.

What Does ASM Do?

ASM can help educational institutions streamline their technology operations, improve learning outcomes, and provide a more engaging and interactive classroom experience for students and teachers.

Components of Apple School Manager

Device enrolment

Managed Apple IDs

Clasroom & schoolwork

Distribution of educational content

What is the role of sysadmin in ASM?

Here are some specific tasks that a sysadmin may perform in ASM:

– Device enrolment – Apple ID management – MDM configuration – Content distribution – Troubleshooting

Integrating ASM with Scalefusion MDM

Here are some steps to integrate Apple School Manager with Scalefusion MDM:

– Enroll in ASM – Create an MDM server in ASM – Configure Scalefusion MDM – Integrate by following the easy steps – Manage devices & content

Learn how ASM  automatically enrolls and manages classroom devices by integrating with Scalefusion MDM