Built-in Parental Controls

Some Android devices come with built-in parental control features that allow you to block websites.

Third-Party Parental Control Apps

There are some third-party apps available on Google Play Store offer website blocking and filtering features.

DNS-based Website Blocking

Changing the DNS settings on device to use a DNS service that filters and blocks websites.

Browser  Extensions

If you want to block websites specifically within a web browser, you can use browser extensions.

For Businesses, MDM is the Best Bet

Everything you read before this slide, was mostly about parents or individuals in general. But what about businesses and IT admins? The answer is Mobile Device Management (MDM).

MDM for Android in a Nutshell

An MDM solution allows IT admins to manage and secure corporate and employee-owned Android devices.

Android App Blocking with MDM

An MDM solution empowers IT admins to block websites for all managed Android devices used for work. With this feature, admins can;

- Block/allow websites as per organization policies or employee roles - Website permissions can be pushed to multiple devices - Notifications can be set for devices attempting to access blocked websites - All the above can be executed remotely from an MDM dashboard

Choose Scalefusion  to Block Websites  on Android Devices