Product Manuals

Detailed instructional guides to use Scalefusion
Turn Windows 10 devices as kiosk browsers

Introduction to Kiosk Browser Lockdown for Windows 10

Configuring Windows 10 devices for business is an excellent idea. Windows 10 devices enjoy the position of being…
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Manage Company-Owned Apple Devices

How to Manage Corporate-Owned Apple Devices with Scalefusion

Manage Company-Owned Apple Devices Apple revolutionized the technology market since its inception and has made technology the talk…
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Configure Android, iOS & Windows devices for business

Device Management Modes In Single Purpose Devices

Special-purpose digital devices are extensively used in everyday life for business, services as well as education. The use…
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Manage Rugged Devices for Frontline Workers

How to Secure and Manage Rugged Devices Used by the Frontline Workers?

The concept of mobile-first culture and remote workforce is prevalent in numerous companies, especially from industrial sectors like…
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Manage your rugged devices

Reduce Rugged Device Downtime with Scalefusion Remote Cast & Control

Reduce Rugged Device Downtime with Scalefusion The recent times have witnessed an unprecedented growth of mobile workforce or…
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Windows Kiosk Browser App vs Chrome Browser for Managing Browsing Experience on Windows 10

Microsoft Edge Vs Chrome Browser Windows 10 devices are preferred by organizations to be deployed as browser kiosks,…
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Chrome Browser Settings for Windows 10

A Primer on Chrome Browser Settings for Windows 10

Chrome Browser Settings for Windows 10 Ever since its release in 2008, Google Chrome has been preferred by…
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Single App Mode on Windows 10 devices: Optimize your Windows 10 devices for special purpose use-case

Windows 10 Single App Mode As organizations adopt kiosk technology for driving business growth, customer engagement or for…
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Microsoft Kiosk Browser App

How to Configure Microsoft Kiosk Browser App in Single App Mode

Be it for displaying digital signage or to explore web apps on shared kiosks, Microsoft Kiosk browser empowers…
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