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About Company

VisibleHand is a health tech company dedicated to developing innovative solutions for behavioral health care. Their mission is simple; to support care-teams so that they may provide better care. They focus on improving behavioral health in Long Term Care without forcing their clients to adopt another expensive, training-intensive, cumbersome EHR system. By equipping thousands of caregivers with nimble new technology and powerful data science, they lift the burden and help teams improve their behavioral health tracking, trending, and staff education.

The Business Challenge

The healthcare industry has taken an exciting move with the use of mobile devices in the past few years. They are shifting towards new models of care, based on combined care methods, that let the caregivers or healthcare professionals manage and anticipate their patients’ health beforehand. VisibleHand is a leading healthtech company that helps the healthcare sector, by providing an improved mobile technology to the care-teams in the hospitals. Where, the caregivers use the mobile technology to interact, develop and track best practices for each resident. Hence, to achieve this, VisibleHand was searching for a scalable solution that would allow them to manage and secure the endless number of mobile devices each day.

The Solution

To boost efficiency and provide better services to their clients, VisibleHand chose Scalefusion because they could suffice their foremost necessities of remotely controlling and managing the growing number of devices in real-time. In addition to this ability, Scalefusion also became advantageous in the form of other Add-on apps and features like Enterprise Store, where securely publishing new versions of their App to multiple mobile devices in a single go was made easy. Scalefusion also ensures that their mobile devices are tracked in real time by utilizing the Location tracking feature. Creating Device groups to avoid disorganization of devices helped them in configuring the mobile devices as per their need and effective monitoring.

Business Benefits

Scalefusion plays a crucial role by helping VisibleHand in attaining their goal of a perfect "User-Friendly" app. Now, VisibleHand plans to grow continuously in their field with Scalefusion. This shows that Scalefusion serves its clients completely and achieves a higher level of customer satisfaction by fulfilling their customer's needs and requirements.

Client Speaks:

"Tested other options on the market, but like support, responsiveness and interface of Scalefusion the best. It has helped lockdown field techs tablets while still allowing the home office to push updates, relevant files/directories, messages to the devices and keep general track of the tablets. I also appreciate the ability to push out updated policies and access to apps very simply."

About Scalefusion:

Scalefusion assists you in managing, controlling and communicating with your Android mobile devices in real-time. It can remotely distribute apps and file contents to your Android mobile devices using a cloud-based dashboard.
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